Becos FX Ziffer Overdrive

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  1. TheLopp


    Dec 30, 2013
    This might be interesting for bass so I just bought one. It’s a tube screamer with some really interesting features.

    It got Classic/asymmetrical/led clipping.

    It has a classic or a deep frequency respond.

    It’s got a clean blend with a tilt EQ on the dry line!

    This should be a really good TS for bass, but we’ll see about that in a couple of weeks. I have 3 of their compressors so I have big faith in what they do.

    Check it out!
  2. BunchyMutt


    Jul 3, 2014
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  3. CheckBass


    May 22, 2020
    This looks very interesting indeed: Becos' products are great and it is a mini pedal!

    I also ordered one.

    Here is what the Becos Ziffer manual says : "This (dry EQ) control adds more versatility when the pedal is used with different instruments, such as bass".

    Becos Zeffir.jpg
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  4. LightForce104

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    Sep 13, 2012
    Very interested in this. Keep us posted!
  5. CheckBass


    May 22, 2020
    I received it, the shipment from Romania went quicker than expected. Excellent communication from Becos as usual.

    I have played it (rock/heavy) at home a couple of days with my P and J basses into a Phil Jones Double Four amp.

    I found it useful as a light always on overdrive, it added some pleasing thickness/grit. It sounds warm/baked in.
    But few settings are good for bass. I actually found only one setting that I really liked.

    + No low losses thanks to the Mix and Dry EQ knobs which are very effective/ sensitive.
    + build quality
    + lots of knobs/ switches :) in a mini format

    - Not versatile for bass
    Few of the many options available are good for bass but this pedal is of course primarly designed for guitar.
    The setting I like is with clip and deep toggles down, gain up to 09:00, tone between 8:00 and 2:00, mix 11:00, dry EQ 10 :00

    These are my first impressions and I still have to try it at louder level. I am curious about others experiences.

    IMG_20210813_134929 (2).jpg
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