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behringer vintage bass (vb1) review

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by s_mcsleazy, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. now because it was a behringer i wasnt expecting alot but the anoying thing is i didnt even want to buy it. i wanted to buy a electro-harmonix bass balls insted. so i went into a shop that had the bassballs for £35 used and i asked to try it out so insted they brought me the vb1 saying "well why would you want the bassballs when you can have this" so i told them "listen ive had trouble with behringer stuff in the past so i would like to try the bassballs insted" but they just said "if you dont give this a try then we will kick you out the shop" so i gave it a try and within less than a min they said "we will ring that up for you" so i ended up paying £20 more on a pedal i hardly played but because im british ill try to make the best of the situation.

    so i got home and actually forgot i had the pedal untill today. because i forgot i brought the pedal (nearly 6 months ago) i brought a micro synth insted (the guitar one not the bass one)but i thought ill try it out. plugged it in as normall into my amp and set the sensitivity at 2 so it would only trigger if i played really hard. played as hard as i could and the thing wasnt giving a hint on envelope. i decided to try more sensitivity so i went up to 5 and played as hard as i could and i was getting some envelope but not much so i figured i may aswell try the sensitivty at 10. played as hard as i could and still not getting alot of envelope. i was getting more than when it was on 5 but not half as much as i should have got.

    then i decided to try the distortion switch and drop the sensitivity down to about 5. i was getting alot more envelope but i was finding it wasnt a verry apealing sound because the distortion was verry raspy. i decided to try adding more sensitivity and it was sounding less and less appealing by the second. so i tryed turning the sensitivity down to 3 and it dissapeared again.

    at this point i thought to myself "ok fine ill use it like i use my micro synth. ill put a big muff befor it" stuck the big muff befor it and even with the sensitivty at 10 it wasnt giving alot of filter so i decided to turn on the distortion on the vb1 and that sounded really bad. so at that point i was getting anoyed.

    then the idea hit me put the big muff AFTER the vb1. it sounded alot better but with the distortion on the vb1 off i was still getting no filter even with the level on the muff down low. i turned on the distortion switch and got this really un-usuall sound. it wasnt a good or a bad sound it was just a kinda squeeky sound when i played and when i rolled down the volume on my bass it was feeding back so i just thought "**** that im going to stick by my micro synth"

    these are my honist thoughts on the pedal. i didnt like it half as much as i liked the electro-harmonix bassballs that i played at my friends house. so if you see one of these things in a pawn shop or whatever just keep in mind ITS A BEHRINGER

    p.s this is going to sound like me nit picking but the switch feels really strange. it doesnt click like a normall switch, insted its strange but it doesnt actually turn on untill the switch is coming back up.

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