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Berg HD112

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MycooLeeyun, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Just picked one up. Playing my g&l jb2 with nord nj4s through my GB Shuttlemax 9.2 going into the berg. It's definitely an upgrade from my Avatar B212. The avatar was way muddier and had much more of a presence in the lows.

    However, I'm still not satisfied. I'm learning though how much the cab really plays into your tone. I've never played through a "hifi" cab before like the berg. It's very articulate, clean, punchy. It definitely sounds good but I don't think it's aligned with the tone I'm after. I'm not complaining. This is part of the whole journey to find my tone, which is why I always buy used.

    I think I need to keep looking around at different cabs. Go try this Eden D210 XLT in my area and see what I think. Maybe the Aguilar DB series would be something to look at as well?

    I guess I want a little bit of coloration and not entirely transparent like the berg.
  2. SCT1422

    SCT1422 Supporting Member

    You should check it out with a B/Amp or the Forte...
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  3. I would if I could. But aren't those amps extremely transparent as well. Those amps with the berg cab might have too much clean sparkle for me.. I don't know.
  4. They're easy to dial OUT the sparkle-arkle... or get an Aguilar TH500... no sparkle-arkle in there
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  5. BI has distortion and can be saved as preset

    Getting used to the transparency thing with my forte’ and 1-12HDN
  6. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
    Search out the Bergantino B|Amp at NAMM thread, and spend some time perusing back through the drive and distortion work Jim has been doing. There are reference clips.

    The concept behind the B|Amp is to give you a stellar clean slate to start with and then you layer your tone on top of it. So, yes, the B| starts clean, but then goes from there.

    Not sure what tone you are going for; but a great drive distortion pedal like the Grizzly can do some pretty spectacular things into the HD112. Also, you should try messing with the tweeter level on the back. Mine usually sits around 40%, which is more than enough.
  7. Man I've been playing with my rig for a couple of hours now and just can't get a tone out of it that I'm happy with. I feel like I should be able to jam in my room and be happy with what I'm hearing. I'm running a Shuttlemax 9.2 into the Berg HD112.. No effects or anything. Just playing my g&l jb2
  8. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
    How do you generally run your jb2, pickup and tone wise?
  9. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
    My daily driver is still the Shuttle 9.0 into the HD112. And, I have quite a bit of gig time on the ShuttleMAX 12.0. IME, the key with those amps is to set the parametric lower mid around to about 8 o’clock, and boost that three or four clicks. The amp tone stack is a little shy in the lower mids around 230-ish Hz. I also cut the upper mids around 700 Hz a couple of clicks. Finally I boost the bass just a couple of clicks, the rest flat. That and adjust the tweeter control should get you in the zone.
  10. Awesome I will give this a shot tomorrow. I've been doing something similar so I'm not entirely hopeful but I will certainly give this a try. Thank you. I still don't think it should be so difficult to find a good tone out of a rig.. I mean, don't you think I just don't have the right amp/cab combo to suit my needs?
  11. I've got it equipped with Nord NJ4s, and strung with Fat Beams. I generally run both pickups and tone full blast. But I do sometimes cut both pickups back and do a little favoring on the bridge pickup. Maybe slightly cut the tone.
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  12. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
    Here is a shot of my 12.0. I use the Tube Channel; so, that would be reference.
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  13. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
    Also, that’s about the best you will get out of the Shuttles, which I find more than adequate for lower volume situations. The B|Amp no question delivers more girth, as does the Mesa Subway; both of which are next gen output sections.

    Last thing is the Nordstrands. IME, they are VERY fine pickups, but benefit greatly from a potent onboard preamp like the Pope or the Sadowsky. The Nordy’s are in the direction of clean; and you may be just getting a little bit too much of that. I’ve gone to Delano JMVC’s and am happier with those in the Jazz Bass footprint. I do have some Nordy Big Blades in my 6, but those are going through a Pope. If you want to run passive single coil, I’ve had better luck with the Seymour Duncan SJB-2, which has more old school grind going on.

    Lastly, make sure you get your rig into a real mix before you do any further gear stuff. That’s key.

    So many variables and yin yang interactions...
  14. Oh man.. Your knowledge is so helpful. Can't thank you enough. I'm actually looking at a new bass right now. A Lakland DJ4 with upgraded Nord NJ4s and a Nordstrand Preamp.

    I do love my jb2 so I might look into different pickups or a preamp.

    I'm not playing in a band right now, just using my setup for home jamming and recording. I just wanna dig my tone when I'm playing right now.. Because then I play more often!
  15. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
    No doubt the Lakland is a nice bass.

    I would personally try adding something like this first, and then see where that takes you.
    Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp 3-Knob – Sadowsky Guitars
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