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  1. I am looking for a luthier / tech who should do fret leveling, crowning, fret ends rounding and general setup on my basses. I am looking for someone with great attention to detail, Roger Sadowsky style.

    So which is the best luthier / tech for fretwork in Europe?

    So far I only know of Andreas Neubauer from Vienna / Austria: Neubauer Guitars - Die Wiener Gitarrenmanufaktur

    Does anyone know about his work?


  2. project_c


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    Martin of Sei Basses at the Bass Gallery in London does great work, if that's anywhere close to you. (London still qualifies as a part of Europe for now.. at least until the hordes get what they voted for)
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    There are a tonne of builders in Romania that make double basses, guitars, violins etc under contract to different companies. I don't know if any of them accept outside work though.

    Luthiers Romania
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  4. I am aware of these, but I am doing research for the best fretwork in Europe.

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