Best strap lock on the market is!?????

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  1. I have never used strap locks before , caught my bass today in mid freefall ! Now I need them . Who in your opinion makes the best strap locks on the market????
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    Nov 5, 2005
    I don't know that there is a "best" - I like Schallers, others like Dunlops, and the new LOXX look to be promising... I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, honestly...

    Do a search, and prepare for some reading...

    - georgestrings
  3. I've tried Dunlops and Schallers and settled on the Dunlops. They are just so simple and very sturdy. The Schallers I tried seemed somewhat finicky in how they snapped into place, didnt "feel" right to me. They both work though so you really cant go wrong.
  4. Thanks George, ya im doing some researching now.....
  5. Ya im likeing the dunlops so far.....MMMM brasss....
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    The whole in the actual "button" on the Schaller straplocks that screws onto the instrument is prone to elongating with use and the part that clips on the strap will pull out of the button. Had it happen so I use Dunlop Original's now and never had an issue...NEVER.
  7. ahhhhaaa , i see.... now thats a game changer , nice one Dok.
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    ...a washer.:smug:
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    Simple version: 1. Punch a new smaller hole thru a suitable area between the existing strap opening slots. Leather punch is best. 3/16 to max of 1/4 inch. Just big enough to get wide top strap button on it From behind. 2. Load strap buttons onto strap thru these two new small holes. Insert the strap button screw thru the wide top side of strap buttons. Screw in the front strap button. 3. By holding instrument recheck that you adjusted strap length where wanted for standing position. Then verifying that screw in the rear strap button with its end of strap attached.

    Since the tops of my strap buttons are all at least 1/2 inch wide. I only use wider then average top strap buttons. Theres no way at all for the strap to now come off the strap button. Except by unscrewing the entire strap button from the instrument and taking the strap off the button from its much narrower inner side.

    You can also use two of the straps existing button slots if you first sew them smaller by punching small hole either side of the slot for thread to go thru, and sew it abundantly with thread suitable for jean pants. When Ive used this fancier method I also dabbed the finished sewing with little bit of elmers glue for further thread strength.

    If your strap locks let you remove the bass or guitar from the strap buttong without having to unscrew it from the instrument. It can fail. Mine cant. except such a force came along and literally ripped the strap button and its screw out of the basses body.

    Each isntrument has its own strap. No reason to take them off. You just put the bass on and take it off, overhead. Strap turns around the strap buttons shaft loose enough. No extra metal asembly sticking out of the body for silly strap locks like schaller and dunlop make.

    Appearance wise the strap looks like its attached the normal way around strap button.
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    Feb 4, 2011
    They muffle the way the wood resonates!!!!!

    Obviously, I'm joking (If anyone remembers that thread)
    Anyways, I prefer the dunlop push in button style. Don't get anything that permanently mounts to your bass (unless you want that)
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    Aug 31, 2011
    What's the best strap lock for metal?
  12. evilt70


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    I love Ernie Balls Strap locks, had the schallers years ago, they didn't work well for me. (P.S. Ernie ball straplocks are best for metal).
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    Did see a death metal show a few weeks ago (kid wanted to go, I'm not much into that) where the bass player was using duct tape to hold his strap onto his guitar. Looked like half a roll was used.
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  14. DUNLOPS, nuff said...
  15. I have used Schallers for years and have them on all my performance grade basses. Never had a problem. I have used the Dunlops and am not happy with them, harder to release and connect IMO.
  16. I do leave my straps on for quite a long time . I was thinking about taking a decking screw and driving it threw the leather strap end with a washer ofcourse , into the body,maybe some elmers glue in the hole before jammin the crew down...Now thats Metal Mcblah!!!!!! . No really... but I cant deal with that little haunting thought that it could happen again ...I think I actually growled at the strap seconds after the catch.
  17. im lmao at the duct tape... thats awesome lol
  18. Mcblah buy my CMG! you need it!
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    Used Schallers for years but had problems. Happy with Dunlops.
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    +1 for the Dunlop.