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SOLD Birdsong "Eclipse" HY5 / Spanish Cedar & Macassar Ebony

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by benjobass, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. benjobass

    benjobass Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2001
    New York
    Bought this recently but just acquired a 6 string short scale so this one's got to go. Built like a tank. Tons of custom woodwork done on this one. All pics are taken today and really show off the deep colors of the wood.

    It's been here a few times so I'll simply bullet some of the main details previously posted about here (SOLD - Birdsong Hy5, Spanish Cedar, Macassar Ebony. Upgraded Delano soapbars):

    Birdsong "Eclipse" HY5
    • 31" scale
    • Spanish Cedar body
    • Macassar Ebony top & matching headstock
    • Maple neck
    • Rosewood fretboard
    • 2 Delano SBC5 HE/S-4 pickups
    • Matching two-tone pickup covers & knobs (cedar/ebony)
    • 8 - 8.5 lbs
    • Hardshell case included
    Bass is in overall phenomenal shape w/the exception of some dings/scuffs at the top of the upper bout (near the straplock) caused by some missing padding inside the case. Also, a small ding in the body carve (see photos for all these details). I'll will ensure the bass is wrapped/padded inside the case when shipped so no further dinging will occur due to movement inside.

    $1,740 insured/shipped to the lower CONUS. No international shipping. No trades. Thanks for looking!

    Birdsong%20HY5%201. Birdsong%20HY5%202. Birdsong%20HY5%203. Birdsong%20HY5%204. Birdsong%20HY5%205. Birdsong%20HY5%206. Birdsong%20HY5%207. Birdsong%20HY5%208. Birdsong%20HY5%209. Birdsong%20HY5%2010. Birdsong%20HY5%2011. Birdsong%20HY5%2012. Birdsong%20HY5%2013. Birdsong%20HY5%2014. Birdsong%20HY5%2015. Birdsong%20HY5%2016. Birdsong%20HY5%2017.
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  2. Gorgeous.
    Passive electronics?
    String spacing?
    Strung E-C or B-G?
  3. benjobass

    benjobass Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2001
    Yes, passive.
    16mm I believe.
    B-G currently; when I received it E-C.
  4. benjobass

    benjobass Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2001
    Bass is ON HOLD.
  5. Maybe a bit off topic, but may I ask what's this 6 string short scale that was good enough to make you sell this bass?
  6. benjobass

    benjobass Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2001
    Bass is sold. Thanks everyone.
  7. JayDA

    JayDA Space is deep

    Oct 4, 2010

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