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  1. _sky_


    Jan 8, 2012
    Portugal, Lisbon

    I´m thinking in getting a Blackstar FLY 3 bass amp just to mess in my living room with a zoom b3. Of course It just for messing arround and not playing with other people (ex: a drummer) but does anybody knows how it performs in terms of volume?
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    Have you tried the search function?

    My thoughts on what I have read:

    I have not tried or heard it, so based on what I have read only...
    The reviews are mixed, but lean more towards it being kind of a novelty. There are a couple folks that said it works for their needs, like indoor uke bass up against other ukes, and/or acoustic guitar. Another as a teeny convenient home amp to provide a break from headphones. Yet another as a fun toy on the back porch, solo.

    The others have been negative, but even some of those admit to only using the single speaker.

    My opinion is that it costs too much to roll the dice on, so for me (I was interested in it based on retailer and marketing listings) it was a pass.

    Since you are not planning on using it outdoors or wirelessly, the money might be better spent on something like a Rumble or Ampeg or similar small $100 combo.
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    May 29, 2014
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    I played with one in a music store briefly. I practice with headphones for low volume. I think some decent monitor-type headphones would be better for you. This is a decent set and what I use:
    AKG K240 Studio Semi-open Pro Studio Headphones
    I got them on a Christmas sale at GC.
    Honestly, my home setup is pretty sweet. I have a little 2 channel mixer that has line in for mp3 input, and a headphone jack. I have a zoom ms60 and a looper in chanel1 and a beat buddy on channel2. Out goes to a small 10" practice amp. that I can switch off for no headphones practice. It's a nice setup and does anything I need for practice.
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  4. _sky_


    Jan 8, 2012
    Portugal, Lisbon
    I have a Markbass Minimark (discontinued version). I was thinking in that amp because ate home I pretty much play with the phones directly to my B3. For the price the blackstar looks good but I reckon that when I want to be "loud", the black star might fail. I guess I will stick with my minimark. Thanks for the opinion.

    I´m looking for some headphones (birthday coming up)! Thanks for the tip.
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