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  1. ChadTheRat


    Nov 17, 2019
    Howdy folks! I'm Chad, I live in southwestern Ontario, Canada. I've been playing bass something like 23 years or so, and managed to find loads of info here in these forums over the years without ever having to post a new thread. This place is hands down the most thorough compendium of bass related knowledge on the web. So I figured it's about time I made an account and said hello! I'll post a few pics of my rig for the gear nuts. I mostly play post hardcore/punk type stuff but I'm down to jam on anything with a groove. Played in high school concert band and jazz band many years ago. My first couple bands during and after high school were ska-punk type bands with like 7 members. Play in a 3 pc now and it's so much easier. Just a few crusty dudes in their 30s who just can't give it up. Also doing some sessions with my friend's "kids" band lately, which is fun. Same friend I played with in those ska bands. He's always written his basslines with me in mind, or let me play whatever I want. Rented an upright for about a year, about ten years ago, did a few sessions but couldn't afford the cash or space to keep it. Gotta say though, playing upright is such an intimate experience, you really dance with the instrument. Played only with my fingers for ages but eventually discovered that there is musical application to any and every technique/tone that you can pull out of a bass. Play with a pick quite a bit now, maybe 50/50. Love a thick Jamerson thumping sound. Also love a grinding Simms (Jesus lizard) sound. Also love a fuzzy Muse sound. I just love the bass, and in the last couple years I've really jumped into pedal world, which has expanded the whole instrument for me. Anyway, hope y'all are keeping healthy and safe in these wild 2020 times.

    2016 MIM Fender Precision Bass Special
    1996 MIC Squier Precision (my first)
    Early 2000s Ibanez SR300DX in the back

    Rack Rider power conditioner
    DBX 163x compressor
    Very old korg tuner
    1997? Ampeg SVT-3PRO
    1995? Ampeg SVT 410HE (200w)
    Bottom cab is one I'm in the midst of building for an old Cerwin Vega 18" beast. (Yes I know 4 10s move more air etc but it really sounds great under the 410he, though it doesn't typically leave the house as the 410 will rumble any small venue and the 3pro has a handy xlr out to front of house anyway)
    Not pictured:
    Ampeg B100 solid state
    Yorkville bass master 100 ss (Blue fuzzy)

    Boss TU-3 Tuner
    Boss NS-2 noise suppressor
    Boss HR-2 harmonist
    TC Electronic Sub n' Up octaver
    Keeley Bubbletron
    TC Electronic Spectra Comp
    Proco Turbo Rat
    Boss GEB-7 bass eq
    Wren and Cuff Box of War (big Muff)
    Southampton Boosted Fuzz
    DOD rubberneck delay
    TC Electronic Spark booster
    TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    Also have a mid 2000s ehx big Muff, and a bass big Muff, and couple other older pedals, but they don't live on the pedal board these days.

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  2. Malcolm35

    Malcolm35 Supporting Member

    Sorry about the GAS, but, welcome and I look forward to your comments.
  3. ChadTheRat


    Nov 17, 2019
    I had to look it up, but I'm assuming you are referring to Gear Acquisition Syndrome? I found a list of 61 acronyms for gas and this was the only one that said (bass guitarists) beside it lol
    I think I'm set for a while, got enough toys to get me through a pandemic :)
  4. Malcolm35

    Malcolm35 Supporting Member

    OK hang in we will get through this.
  5. 68Tele-Bass


    Jun 2, 2020
    Cape Cod
    Nice!!!! Welcome aboard- nice rig and toys!!
    I’m half “Hoser”- Mom from Quebec- sooo I AM a Habs fan even if I’m originally from “Bahston”

    Welcome from Sunny AZ !! I try to catch a couple Coyotes games every yeareven though I’m 5+ hrs north of PHX!

    Glad to hear from a fellow Jesus Lizard fan! Saw them at a bar/laundromat in Cincinnati called “Sudsy Malone’s” back in 1994..guess that makes me a grey beard now!!!

    oh....”Go, Leafs, Go”!!!
  6. ChadTheRat


    Nov 17, 2019
    Well damn I never got to see them! I've only just discovered them maybe 3 or 4 years ago.
    You are definitely a bigger hockey fan than I am. I don't entirely fit into the Canadian stereotype (although I do love plaid and know my way around a chainsaw) but the odd time I do watch hockey, I'll cheer for the leafs. Really just cause they're my dad's team and I never cared enough to pick my own favourite lol
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