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br864 help again

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by paniak17, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. sry guys. but im trying to make a "master" tape of my recording. i have recorded all of my tracks and i want to know how do i go about making a master tape? i want it to be on my computer. i have a usb cord to connect the recorder and my computer. Then what do i do? do i have to have some program to record it to or something? im lost. Thanks.

    EDIT: can someone also explain to me what bouncing and mastering is?
  2. Herkimer


    Dec 10, 2002
    Detroit, MI
    If you want a master recording of your combined tracks then do the following:

    Mix and effect the tracks to the desired volumes, pans, eq's, and effects.

    Record a stereo bounce to virtual tracks in 12, 34, 56, or 78 pairing.

    [At this point, you can master if you wish. Simply press the black button to 'master', choose a mastering suite from the effects, and record the master to the next virtual pairing of 12, 34, 56, or 78.]

    Connect the USB port to your computer with a USB cable.

    Press the USB button.

    Choose export.

    Choose Wav.

    Wait. It creates a wav file in just about real time ie, if your song is five minutes, it will take five minutes.

    When it says idling, go to "My Computer" on your computer desktop.

    Double click on the "removable disk drive" and navigate to "USB"

    There should be a file in there with the numbers from the master track (Somthing like o7o8_xxx)

    Click and drag it to your desktop.

    That's it.
  3. THANKS!! but one more question...how do i bounce and master? i still dont really understand that process. the 12, 34, 56, or 78 thing didnt make sense. Thanks for clearing some things up.
  4. Herkimer


    Dec 10, 2002
    Detroit, MI
    The "bounce" and "master" button is the black button just to the left of the LCD screen. When you push it, you should see the word "bounce" appear on the screen.

    The 12, 34, 56, and 78 refers to combination tracks 1 and 2, tracks 3 and 4, tracks 5 and 6, and tracks 7 and 8. For a stereao bounce, you need to select 12, 34, 56, or 78. The bounce will then go to those track pairs with one track panned left and one track panned right for the stereo sound.

    You really need to download and read the manual. They do a much better job of explaining it there. You'll need to have an understanding of virtual tracks to be sure you don't screw up your recording.

    Seriously, you run the risk of ruining your recording if you don't take the time to read the manual and understand virtual tracks, bouncing, and mastering.

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