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  1. I've decided it's finally time for me to get a usable set of strings on my Breedlove ABG. I've had this bass for almost a year and it still has the stock phosphor/bronze strings on it. I'm looking for possibly tapewound or flatwound as a replacement (finger noise is a big issue, as well as feel and tone).

    Now, I understand flats string up at higher tension, but I've no idea about tapewounds. I don't want to throw on just any old set of strings as I'm concerned the tension may be too much; don't want my bass self-destructing. Does anyone have any suggestions for specific tapewound or flatwound strings that are known to work well on an acoustic? This is kind of a new area to me...

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    May 17, 2005
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    I have had Rotosound tapewounds on mine for several years with no problems and lots of compliments on the sound.
  3. I guess I'll have a go at it then. Being a fan of rotosounds, it works out...

  4. jallenbass

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    May 17, 2005
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    You'll need to have a guitar tech open up the hole for the E string. It's not quite big enough to that E.
  5. The Rotosound Tapewound E is .115, which will require modification. Try the D'Addario Tapewounds. They come in 50-105, which shouldn't be a problem. That, and they feel and sound great. Also, they exert much less tension than any flats or phosphor bronze strings. Almost as if they were made for ABG! I've got them on my (broken) Fender BG-31 and they will be on my Ibanez AEB5 when I get it.
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    Nov 10, 2009
    Tapes are definitely popular for ABG. Your favorite lighter gauge flats will work fine too. Check D'addario's tension charts to put to rest the tension myth. Flats are typically more stiff feeling but they are typically not higher tension.
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    Sep 22, 2012
    I use D'addario tapewounds on my Ibanez AEB5E acoustic bass and they sound great. I would definitely recommend them
  8. See, I'm bouncing back and forth between Tapes and Chromes. I like the idea of the Chromes on an ABG because the higher tension allows one to dig in more, producing more acoustic volume. That, and I have Tapes on my electric 5er (love them). I'm thinking something a little different would be good for my AEB5E.