"Burpy" Tone

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  1. Just want to compare "burpy" bass tones from my basses.

    Why not show your bass "burps" tone ?

    I recorded 3 of my bases to compare "burp" tones.

    Which one fits the "burpiest" tone?

    The basses I used.
    1. Cort Artisan C4+ Otab Zmbh
    Bartolini pickups
    Mark Bass Mk1 preamp
    D'addario exl 165 strings

    2. 1986 Peavey Foundation
    Seymour Duncan SSB4 pickups
    Seymour Duncan STC3P preamp
    D'addario Exl 165 strings

    3. PHX MSR 5 ( modded )
    Seymour Duncan SMB5D pickup
    Seymour Duncan STC3M4 preamp
    stock strings?
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  2. Burpy? Is that kind of like moist flatulence? :eek:
  3. Hahaha... I actually wanted to use the "F--T" word but wanted to make it a PG post.
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  4. Ricky Rioli

    Ricky Rioli

    Sep 29, 2020
    No.1 sounds like a decent attempt to copy No.2, and I wouldn't have guessed No.3 was even trying to.

    (PS maybe I just like the nice taut sound of EXL165s?)
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  5. 'Farty' and 'burpy' are to me two different things. Burpy sounds have a more distinct attack and decay and sound tighter, fatty sounds are more about some speaker distortion/flappy sustain. If you were going for farty sounds in the video, I think you've achieved it.
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  6. Thanks. I was actually going for the farty sound via your description. (I recorded this straight to my laptop)