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  1. I’ve been working all summer saving up for a new bass. All in all I managed to gather almost 2000$ (1500£), leaving me with a wide price range to shop within. I know that I want a P-Bass, probably, but not necessarily, a Fender. The bass is my second higher end instrument, as I already have a American Standard Jazz Deluxe at home. However a lot has changed since I bought the Jazz bass almost 2 years ago. I’ve realised that every instrument is unique, and that minor changes can make major differences. I want to be 100% sure I get the “best” possible bass for my money. I really don’t mind buying used gear, but travelling for hours to try a bass, is also not optimal. There is a guitar store 20 minutes from where I live, and I come there quite often, their range of Fender P’s is quite limited, and none of them seem to satisfy me.
    I would love to hear how you go about when buying a new bass, and what I need to consider before dropping the cash. Recommendations for good P-bases would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    I would pay attention to the neck characteristics, because it is something I am picky about.

    For Instance, I don't like a small radius, like 9.5. I prefer flatter boards, like 12, or 14.

    I don't like very wide necks, but super thin are also not my ideal. For me maybe 40 or 41mm would be ideal.

    I also don't like exposed pole pieces on the pickups, because I tend to play over the pickups.

    With that price range you can get a high quality instrument. Seems you will have to buy online.

    Personally I would recommend , or .

    Bassdirect has used instruments, maybe take a look there.

    I would consider, for that price, a custom interment, where I could choose every detail.

    Look into Maruszczyk or Sandberg, for example.
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    First thing I do is go to Reverb.
    Next thing I do is type "G&L" in the search box.
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    I always check the classified here.
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  6. If you have to buy on line, fine a vendor with a liberal return policy. That way if it arrives and you don’t think it is what it should be you can return it and get something else.

    Music stores, even big chain stores, don’t like to carry a lot of stock like they did in the past so it’s difficult to go out and play a bunch of instruments before you buy.
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    Sandberg makes a heck of a bass, P-style included (their California V series). European maker, so no worries about overseas shipping. P.S. nice job on the goal setting and saving success!
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    What did you not like about those basses, and do you recall which ones?
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    In my case, I had a lot of options. Your group of guitars that you have are all good quality gear. You've become more discriminating in the sound that you're looking for and what you expect from your bass. You're looking for a bass that has the plus's of the gear that you have in one bass. Your Holy Grail of bass, so to speak. It is possible, but what you're looking for is a custom built to your current preferences. For me, I wanted a Music Man "Old Smoothie", because I have come to love the MM sound. But I also have basses that can give me the ballpark sound of a MM, so it became a question of forking over $2500 USD for more of the same. Instead I chose to challenge myself and got a NS WAV-C and I just love it. I know it's not really an answer to your question, just a suggestion to consider alternatives. Cheers. ;^D.
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