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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by frankieibanez, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I live in a n apartment so I can do nothing about the wiring of the house. I am getting a buzz out of my Peavey Mark VIII head. The buzz is a little less now that I moved from one place to another but it is still here. It seems to get worse when my landlords put on their kitchen light but it is always around. Is there any thing I can do? It really messes with my recordings ( thru a Tascam US-122 direct to USB). Please help.
  2. Does it buzz anywhere else--when it's plugged in to a friend's house, for example. Does it buzz even if the instrument cable isn't pluged in?

    If it still buzzes at somebody elses place, and if it is buzzing there without plugging in the instrument cable, the filter capacitors in the amp are likely the culprit. Not a terribly expensive fix, for a qualified tech.

    But if the amp is silent everywhere else, and it's silent with the bass plugged in--at somebody else's place--then there's definately electrical interference at your apartment. First try a good power conditioner and plug everything into it. That can clean up the incoming power, but if you've got external radio-frequency interference (RFI), it gets tougher. Anything can act like a giant antenna: the bass, the bass cable, even the case of the amp. In extreme cases some people out a Faraday shield around their room--big sheets of copper, grounded, so you're playing in a shielded cage.

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