Can anyone ID this "Dano" SC ???

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  1. I got this several years ago in a trade for audio work:


    I did this google search:

    danelectro bass [sc OR "single cutaway" OR "single cut away"]

    ...and couldn't find an exact match. The only one I could find with only one pickup was from this TalkBass post.

    The obvious differences:

    my headstock isn't dolphin nose
    tone switch
    thumb rest
    my tuners are Kluson Deluxe except for one no-name replacement

    I added the pictured intonateable bridge, but the screws had already ripped through the wood and pulled it too close to the neck so it still can't be intonated until I relocate the bridge. It came with the wood bridge. The odd shaped metal control cavity cover is identical to the one in the post above.

    There are no identifying marks anywhere including in the control cavity and neck pocket.

    I don't know the history of these basses. Does the difference in headstock (this one compared to the dolphin nose) indicate the difference between Danelectro and Silvertone?

    Thanks for any help or ideas!
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    Wow... Good work on that ID!
    I'd say you've got a keeper there.
  3. Yikes! I'm an idiot, I thought the after thought looking paper sticker on the back was a service tag or something, as I couldn't imagine what Ampeg had to do with it.

    Good News: mine is #34 of 200, so probably a '69.

    Bad News: I might have lost the original bridge! Not sure I'd sell, and if I did I might just let the original owner sell it, 'cause I don't think he knew what he had when he traded it. Not sure how much value it'd lose w/o the pickguard anyway, might be worth much more in my hands than on the block. On the other hand, it has some serious neck dive. :)

    In any case, thanks so much for the speedy ID, @Ericnordicbee

    EDIT: found original bridge, just missing pickguard, dunno if I'll ever find one, dunno if I care. It's cool as-is.
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