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Can you identify this Yamaha bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bassy Mark, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. I bought it eBay for $200-300 at least five years ago. Seller said it was a prototype. It is made in japan and the SN is 4P14xxx with the x's being the production number. Yamaha dater puts it to Sept. 14 of '94 or '04. I'm leaning toward '04, but that is just a guess.

    It has active electronics. I replaced the knobs, as the originals were plastic and I think one of them was broken. The replacements don't fit perfectly, they are cocked to one side as I believe the shafts were smaller than the knobs. I should probably go at them with some pipe fitting nylon.

    Active electronics but passive pups I believe. All bass, treble, and blend switch all notched in the middle. P and J pick up configurations.

    I really have no idea what it is. I believe he had some model number on it when he sold it, but I've long forgotten it. It has a very slim Jazz style neck. It does say Yamaha on the head stock, but it is very dim and translucent lettering. It was missing the truss rod cover when I received it originally.

    Thank you all for your time. Here are some pics. (sorry for the dust!)









  2. Sorry for over exposing the photographer. I didn't realize how shiny the bass was...
  3. I forgot to mention it was Made in Japan!
  4. Almost 80 views and no one recognizes it yet.
  5. Yamaha rbx 800 1980 circa
  6. It is almost 30 years old? Seems more modern than that.
  7. There is no slice in the head stock and the knobs have a different layout. The neck attachment looks right and the shape is there.
  8. It was built in '84, '94, or '04. Maybe a custom shop piece or a prototype of the RBX that wasn't introduced until 1986?
  9. It looks a lot like this one, but where the 24th fret meets the body it is cut in the opposite direction. Who is this mad man on the bass?

    This is the closest yet, but not exact. Bridge and knob layout is the same, but the neck attachment is not the same and mine is stained all up and down the neck to the head stock.
  10. Bass-Man3


    Mar 19, 2009
    Could you tell us which serial number it has? May be that the build year can the be found.
  11. Bass-Man3


    Mar 19, 2009
    It was definitively not built in 2004 and don't think it was built in 1994.
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  13. I know this is a old thread. The bass is an RBX 1000. 100% positive. I own one like yours and an additional one in violet. Built 92-93. I worked for a music store (Yamaha dealer). I bought mine new. all of the RBX line at that time were well made. The 1000 was made in Japan and the quality and playability is superb!
    I play professionally and it is really my #1. I have the other as a backup for stage. I have one modified with EMG p/j 24V with BQRS preamp the sound control is second to none. I also replaced the bridge with a schaller ( more adjustments) Hope others share my passion for the 1000

  14. I'm very pleased with mine. The stock tone controls give great flexibility.
  15. I also have a violet/trans(lucent) purple, had it since 1993(brand new at the time). Also picked it up when I worked at Guitar Center(ewwww) back then. Still in super excellent condition(just one tiny head stock mini-ding from 'Mint').Best bass EVER(IMHOonly)...I'm dying to get a second for my "drop D" songs. I don't suppose I could convince you to part with the platinum plus perfect purple bass, could I?
  16. I have the addiction too.. Sorry on selling the violet one.. I bought it new in 91 when I worked for Keyboard City in AZ. They do come up. If I see one in that color, ill reach out to you. I have my tuning to drop C and it is handling it with no issue. It is great to have backups for live shows.. I have broken strings and needed to swap. so I keep the other one ready to toggle in case i need it.
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  17. I have an Ibanez SGR for my "drops" as of now...set-up to D, but I use all the way down to B#. It's not happy. The Yamaha, even set-up to standard "E" tuning, handles the drops WAAAY better than the Ibby.
    I sincerely appreciate the "eyes up" for the violet. I would give you a golden finger tip for your info, but I've already given it up for the Ric 4080 in my picture.< the rest of my finger tips...I'm keeping. Maybe an eye or something? lol. Thanks again.
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