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Cello/Banjo/Guitar and Bass

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by PorkPieHatBass, May 24, 2004.

  1. My brother and I are going to be playing some pieces together this summer. He's played cello for many years now (he did a fantastic rendition of one of Vivaldi's cello duets) so he's at a fairly intermediate stage, and he's decent at the banjo and proficient with the guitar. I've been playing bass for a little over half a year, so I'm not nearly approaching proficient yet. I was wondering about some ideas for duets.

    I've been listening to the new Fleck/Meyer disc (Music for Two, it's fantastic if you haven't heard it yet) and I was inspired by their rendition of the first movement of Eccles' Sonata. I was wondering if there was anywhere to find that arrangement yet or if we're going to have to transcribe it. After extensive googling, I've been able to find the sheet music for the bass, but I'm wondering if any of you more knowledgable folk know if there are any changes that should be made before we attempt it as close to Fleck and Meyer's performance as possible.

    Also, are there any other recommendations for some interesting and exciting duets that we could perform? We'll compose a few original pieces I'm sure, but we could use something concrete and fun to play, and my brother can play/arrange for any of those three instruments I listed above. If you have any thoughts, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. The Bach Two-Part Inventions are always fun, and there are a couple of them that are fairly accessible on bass (don't know nuthin' bout no banjo).
  3. PPHB;

    There are a couple of books written for the cello that transcribe some fiddle tunes into the proper range for the cello. They might be worth exploring.