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  1. Hi, this may be a silly question, but I am writing a song now and I have the bass line down, and I also know what I want the rhythm for guitar to be. I am just having a difficult time finding the write chord for the guitar. The bassline goes E G A A# B (maybe it's not proper to write A and A#, but you get the idea). As far as my limited knowledge goes, that sounds like a blues scale to me and I am looking for an E chord that will sound good along with that. I've tried quite a few different chords but none of them give the sound I want. E major fits, but it is nearly funky enough :D . Any suggestions?
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    E7 or E7b9
  3. E7#9 Em7

    Try the Em7 spelled E B D G from lowest to highest note. It makes for a little different color than a typical Em7 voicing.

    I wouldn't use Emaj because you're playing G natural in the bass. I guess it could work but it's hard to know without hearing the feel you're putting in the bass.
  4. OK, thanks a lot guys. E7#9 works nicely.