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  1. I just scored a Peavey 210-TX cab for $50 off of CL.

    The tweeter is shot and I didn't test the drivers, but the owner claimed that they worked fine... but for $50... I figure worst case scenario I replace the 10's with some Beta10s or 2510s. The hardware and box alone are worth over $50.

    If anyone has been keeping up with my plans y'all know that I was just getting ready to build a BF Omni10. I have already purchased the plans and was getting ready to buy the materials today when I stumbled across this. Now I realize that the BF will blow this out of the water... but for a quick fix I figure that this will fit the bill.

    I am going to go out tomorrow to get some leopard skin cloth to cover it in. This, or any other $50 cab, deserves to be pimped. I think that I may paint the speaker grill gold too. Why not?!

  2. Nice :)
  3. Oh... one more thing... Does anyone know an EASY way to add speakon to this cab? My QSC only has speakon outs and I would like to augment the cab with speakon. I could drill the metal back plate if required, but if there is a simple drop-in plate with a speakon jack, that would probably be optimal for my needs.

    I would assume that I could keep the 1/4" and just parallel wire it, right?

    I know these are kinda dumb questions, but it is late and I would like to get at it tomorrow!

  4. Some of those speakon plates are available on Ebay. Modification will be needed to fit that into the stock hole though!

    Parallel. Right. Just don't plug two amps into the cab at the same time with that config.
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    Nice score. You may have enough room around the crossover to mount a Speakon on the original plate. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to make a Speakon to 1/4 inch cable...but then you lose the Speakon's locking (and safety) aspects. Not sure, but I would be a little surprised if the commercially available Penn/Elcom plates would be the same size as the stock Peavey plate-if so, they'd work, but you'd need to mount the crossover elsewhere. Also, if there is a horn attenuator, that would need to be transferred to the new plate as well.

    All said, I would opt for trying to mount a Speakon jack on the original plate. Use a hole saw to drill the main hole and a round file to cut the 'ears' for the mounting screws.


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    To mount a speakon socket you'll need to enlarge one of the existing hole out to 15/16". I bought a proper drill from Home Despot to mount mine. Easier still is a Greenlee punch.

  7. Well the build/modification is underway!

    I just gutted the box and started spraying the hardware. It turns out that I will probably just have to install a separate plate. The L-Pad electronics and crossover on this one are kinda close to the jack and probably not worth messing with.

    I picked up some leopardskin upholstery at the fabric store on sale for $1.50 a yard! I couldn't believe it! It has a nice backing and is made for furniture. The same thing online cost about $12 a yard. I bought all they had... 6.5 yards. I figure that I can mod another cab later if this one turns out o.k.

    I gotta hand it to Peavey. This is one solid cab! It is made out of some pretty nice 7-ply and has a MASSIVE brace running through it. The construction seems pretty top notch!