For Sale/Trade Cleaning out the closet (and drawer)

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  1. Price:
    I have the following parts for sale:

    SX chrome 4 bolt neck plate $5 shipped
    Generic black 4 bolt neck plate $5 shipped
    Epiphone Thunderbird black 4 string 3 point bridge $25 shipped
    Epiphone Thunderbird 4 string neck (loaded) $50 shipped SOLD

    Trade interests are strings, black inline 4 tuners (1/2"), anything really...shoot me a PM.

    The shipped prices are to the lower 48.

    20171022_113929.jpg 20171022_113834.jpg 20171021_133431.jpg 20171021_133419.jpg 20171021_133414.jpg 20171021_133404.jpg 20171021_133353.jpg
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  2. I also have a set of chrome SX pbass tuners I'd trade on a black set.
  3. Moedailey


    Oct 21, 2019
    Omicron Persei8
    I'm currently looking for a non fender style body for a custom build, don't care what it looks like cosmetically but would prefer a semi hollow body like a club bass or a t-bird,Rick,lp, explorer. Would rather it be unbranded but not a big deal if it is. If you happen to come across anything like that let me know. I have some T-Bird pups & a pickguard but that's all I have so far. A close friend builds & repairs guitars and basses and he's looking as well. I'm not in a hurry to do it but thought I might could pick up the parts a little at a time. If the parts you have are still available in a few weeks I can hopefully buy something from you!