Clip on tuners that pick up low B string?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good clip on tuner that picks up the low B on a 5 string bass well? I tried the GoGo Tuners Caliber which was inconsistent with picking up the low B.
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    The Meisel COM-90 does it, no sweat.

    The sensor for the tuner is in the clip, which contacts the surface of the instrument. I believe that this makes for better pickup of the instrument (most tuners with the swivel clip have the tuning sensor in the head of the tuner - if you can swivel it in endless circles, you know that's the case).

    See the video below; I just (sloppily) filmed the tuner on a bass with the E-string tuned down and it picks it up well. With the fuller, better fundamental on a real B-string, I can only imagine it should be even better.

    Full disclosure - we sell this tuner at our store. But you can get it at several retailers other than us as well.

    Video of tuner in action:
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    Is there a pickup on the bass? If so, I've found this to be the perfect solution:

    Kork PitchJack Tuner

    My basses don't have low Bs, but the little Korg handles the E better than any of the clip ons I've tried -- and I've tried them all. No reason it won't read the B as solidly as the higher strings. It's only $12 -- I bought two, but the first has been in use for almost two years and is still going strong.
  4. I just clipped my Snark tuner onto the bridge of my electric upright, which has a low B. it worked.
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    Intellitouch PT-10. I really like that tuner for some reason. Never an issue and tracks fast (except for a plain gut E string; haven't found many tuners that like that string).

    The Snarks are good but I've had tracking issues with them on one of my basses during a gig which can be frustrating (only a low E too). YMMV

    The Zoid was the worst one that I've tried.
  6. I found that my low C picks up easily and more quickly along with the rest of the strings when I clip any of my tuners to the top end of the tailpiece instead of the bridge.
  7. +1 on the great on my 5 and 6 string electric basses and my uprights. Only time I ever had an issue it was a cr2032 battery.
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    same here but if it'a noisy place it's harder to get a reading.
    I picked this up on sale for $12
    Really haven't messed with it though because it doesn't clip on and for the most part the Snark is fine.
    You can always use harmonics to get the B.
  9. I must also say that when I forget my Snark, I use my android phone. The app called gStrings is a remarkable tuner itself, but noise is an issue with it since it doesn't clip on.

    When I played with guitarist Howard Alden this past May, he used his Iphone to tune and said he has found no need for another tuner when I asked... ;)

    BTW, I clip the Snark on the headstock of my basses...

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