SOLD Complete Set of StewMac Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches

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  1. tlite

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    You can read more about these HERE:

    Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches |

    In addition to safely adjusting your truss rod, these will rescue stripped truss rod nuts.

    These wrenches are in mint condition- some have never been used. The sizes of the wrenches have been written on the handles or shaft to make it easier to read (as shown in the 1/8" straight wrench photo).

    Includes 10 Wrenches for both electric and acoustic (soundhole) instruments:
    1. For 1/8" Allen nut Item # 6107-G
    2. For 1/8" Allen nut; single-bend with 2" reach for clearance on 6-in-line peghead Item # 6210-G
    3. For 4mm Allen nut Item # 6113-G
    4. For 3/16" Allen nut Item # 6115-G
    5. For 5mm Allen nut Item # 6108-G
    6. For 1/8" soundhole nut; single-bend with 5-3/8" reach Item # 6209-G
    7. For 1/8" soundhole nut; triple-bend with 5-3/4" reach Item # 6211-G
    8. For 4mm soundhole nut; triple-bend with 5-3/4" reach Item # 6212-G
    9. For 5mm soundhole nut; single-bend; 2" reach Item # 6110-G
    10. For 5mm soundhole nut; single-bend with 4-1/2" reach Item # 6114-G

    Price includes economy shipping to most US destinations. Paypal, Venmo, Cash App all OK.
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