converting my combo to a cab

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  1. i have an ampeg BA115 and i want to know if i can convert that into a cabanet and use the preamp in it as a preamp eq for my rig. if anyone has a diagram or any advice please let me know. :) i really don't want to sell it and buy something that i'll never use. i figure that if i can turn my preamp in the combo a preamp. if it's not possible, i will just sell it(150$) and save up for the acoustic amplifycation halfstack. opinians and input?
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    Dec 20, 2005
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    The Ampeg site is showing this model has a 1/4" Balanced line out jack. This could be connected to drive your external poweramp...

    I'm assuming the combos poweramp section still works, so as far as conecting your external poweramp to the combos speaker, I'd suggest you simply find the speaker wires, pull the extra slack through to the rear side somewhere and install in-line male/female speaker jacks. This would allow the combo to still function on its own, or be used to easily connect your external poweramp to the combos internal speaker just like the Ampeg B100R mod I preformed pictured below:

    ps: I believe your combos origanal speaker is a 4 ohm/150 watt model.