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Courante, 3rd Suite

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by Simandl Fan, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. How fast do you like to play the 3rd suite courante? I like it at 100 to the quarter, which is much slower than a lot of cellists play it. Just wondering how my fellow bassists play it- I'm working it up for an audition. (I'm also playing it as written, with all four capos open and hitting the low C.)
  2. As written? As in at pitch or down a octave in C? Or as written in G? Capo?

    There are a ton of different speeds and recordings. Just find one you can make music with and you can skip too.
  3. as written, so the first note would be the open G string. I know everyone plays this in G but I love the low notes of our awesome instrument.
  4. I meant to say...as written from the cello part, and since it's originally in C, the first note would be the C on the G string
  5. Well when you read it in C you need to read a octave higher. That's where the correct place to play it is. Part of the reason many bass players choose G is because it isn't as physically daunting while also being in a good place for the instrument to sound good.

    The cello suites don't really work down a octave unless you are in 5ths really. You can play it down a octave in 4ths but it just doesn't have the quality of G or just playing it at pitch in C (The C above the middle G harmonic on the G string).

  6. Max,
    That's the beauty of the suites...they speak to all of us in a different way. I've played the 3rd suite in G, where most bass players play it, but I like it in C, off the cello part. I know that will take me down to my low C, but I prefer the lower notes anyway. Good luck to you and me both.

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