Darkglass 2x12 vs GK 2x12 vs Others

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  1. I'm looking to purchase a 2x12 bass cabinet and get some advise. There is no music store within 50 miles so I rely on your feedback. I play classic rock and blues (Allman Brothers, SRV, ZZ Top) material. I currently have an Ampeg SVT 7 Pro 1,000 watt 4ohm head and a GK 2X12 NEO bass cab AND a G&L SB-2 bass guitar. I don't play slap.

    Can you recommend a 2x12 bass cab that is lightweight, has a high output and sound great for around $700-$1,400? This would be used for outdoor venues and some larger clubs but not stadiums.
    Thanks for your input!
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    Barefaced Super Twin.
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  3. In before the rest of the choir: Mesa Subway 212.
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    Would hands down recommend talking to Javier at Sinobas. I've owned Markbass, Aguilar, and Bergantino and the Sinobas is top of the pile. Go for the Stage version. Plus you get to customize the look of the cabinet...all for a killer price. $884 for the stage version loaded with a horn. Sinobas is still flying under the radar but probably won't be for long considering the players he has praising his cabs.

    2x12 Cabinets

    STAGE - 2x12

    • Power Handling (RMS): 900 Watts
    • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
    • Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 4.5 kHz
    • Sensitivity 95.5 dB @ 1W 1M
    • Weight: 50 lbs

    24in L x 24in W x 17in D
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  6. I've never heard anything about these until now. Good reviews from the threads I've seen.
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  7. As I look at the specifications for bass cabs, I'm not up to snuff on the ratings such as the frequency response and sensitivity. What separates the best from the mediocre? Or what should I be looking for?
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    95.5db sensitivity at 1W/1M?
    Subway 212 is 100.2db. a not insignificant difference.
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  9. I noticed most of the cabs frequency responses were consistent ranging around 35 to 45 Hz to 14 to 22 KHz. The Sinobas is rated at 4.5 KHz. Is this better, worse or irrelevant?
  10. Jaco who?

    Jaco who?

    May 20, 2008
    The Sinbas cabs show the "HF horn" as optional. It probably would be similar to others if whatever they use for the HF horn is chosen.
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    Jan 12, 2019
    I have the DG212 and it sounds phenomenal. I don’t own and have not owned any of the others in this list so I can’t compare. The only negative I have about it is that is is very directional if you’re standing close to the cab. Sounds very different depending on where you’re standing in relation to it when up close but that might be the case with any of these. I couldn’t say. Tone is killer though. I used it in the back line at a recent gig and the bassists in the other bands commented on how much they liked playing through it.
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  12. I made a list. Now for narrowing it down to 3. Yeah, it's what I do.

    Minimum Requirements:
    • 50 lbs or under
    • High output
    • Above 500 watt
    • Casters or wheels
    • 4 ohm

    1. Darkglass DG212N - 43.4 lbs, 1,000 watt, 4 ohm, $1,020, 36Hz - 15 Khz,
    Sensitivity 100dBSPL

    2. GK - 2x12 NEO IV, 43.4 lbs, 800 watt,
    4 ohm, $899, Sensitivity 100db

    3. Schroeder 212 - 35 Hz - 20 khz, 4 Ohm, 800 Watts Rms, 43 lbs. $899,
    FR 40Hz-19.0 Hz Sensitivity 101 db

    4. Genzler MG212T - 700 Watts, 54 lbs, 4 ohm, FR: 33-14Khz, $1,200, Sensitivity 100 db

    5. EBS -2X12 NEO, 46.9 lbs, 600 Watts RMS, 4 Ohm, FR: 40Hz - 18 KHz
    $1,499 Sensitivity 103db

    6. Markbass NEO 2x12, 42 lbs, 4 ohm, 800 Watt RMS, FR: 45 Hz - 20 Khz, $829 Sensitivity: 103 dB

    7. GR NEO 2X12, 900 watt RMS, 42 lbs, 4 Ohm, FR: 35 Hz - 22 KHz $890,
    Sensitivity: 102 db

    8. Aguilar- SL 212 45 lbs, 4 ohm, 500 watt RMS, FR:37 Hz - 16khz $1,299,
    Sensitivity 102.9

    9. Sinobas 2x12, 4 ohm, 50 lbs, 900 Watts, FR: 35 Hz- 4.5 Khz. $830, Sensitivity: 95.2

    10. RevSound RS212XT, 4 Ohm, 44.5 lbs, 1,000 Watts AES, FR: 58 - 20Khz $975, Sensitivity: 101 db
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    Mt Vernon, NY
    I would add a Bergantino CN212 to the list. You should be able to find a used one for around $800. Great cab!
  14. Oh yes! I completely forgot about the Bergantino 2x12. Thanks. Any of them you would eliminate from the top ten?
  15. uwrossl

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    Nov 13, 2009
    As I understand it the lower the frequencies that are tested the lower the sensitivity will be because it requires more power to push low frequencies. SPL is not a static figure, it changes with frequency. Without an SPL chart that shows sensitivity at every frequency ratings are meaningless. It's more useful to judge between a given manufacturers own products than across brands that use different drivers and designs for different reasons/desired outcomes. Sinobas cabinets and drivers used are designed for an extended and useable low end for people that like to use octave pedals and 5 string basses. Excursion comes into play regarding sensitivity. The drivers spec'd/coded for Sinobas Stage cabs have a very high excursion(XMAX) rating which will affect sensitivity along with the frequencies tested. Pretty sure Barefaced mentions some of this stuff on their site to.

    I would never buy a cabinet based on a sensitivity rating. Rather I would make sure I have enough power to run whatever cabinet I like best. With the SVT 7 Pro you do.

    As far as the top end frequency response...the 4.5kHz rating is without the horn.

    When purchasing top tier equipment I don't buy based on price...but I love VALUE if I can save $300-$400 and get exactly what I want quality and sound wise then I'm all for it.

    I'd highly recommend reaching out for a convo with Javier. Shoot him a DM on instagram and he'll reply extremely quickly and likely be happy to hop on a call. He'll be able to speak specifically to the specs and steer you in the right direction. He's is in Bern NC and builds there so you may be able to coordinate something to test them out in person and see if it's fit. About a 6 hour drive.
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  16. Excellent information Ross
    I had to read it twice, as you mentioned its a lot to unpack. After reading this, I went back and reviewed the specs. One thing stands true, that is the sound in your ears. I wish I could go to Bern. I looked it up. Your right about the 6 hours. It's near the coast almost to Virginia. I played golf today. If your ever in the area, bring your clubs.
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  17. uwrossl

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    Nov 13, 2009
    It's possible he's got a cab somewhere closer to you. Worth asking if you talk to him.

    Hope you hit it well! I played myself today out here in Huntington Beach :thumbsup:.
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    Ummm, hellooooo, winner right here!

    AT 212 – GRBass
    AT 212 slim – GRBass

    Specs (on the slim version)

    • POWER:900W RMS (AES Standard)
    • DIMENSIONS:29″ H x 15″ W x 13.75″ D
    • WEIGHT:28.5 Lbs.
    • IMPEDANCE: 4 ohm
    • BASS REFLEX in front
    • TWEETER: 1” with Lpad regulator
    • WOOFER: 2-12″ woofers
    • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:35Hz to 22 kHz
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  19. Quadzilla

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    Reviews have been extremely favorable. And....come on.... 28 lbs and 103 dB sensitivity? Heck yeah!!!!
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    All these specs are cool but don't necessarily mean a bass cabinet is going to sound great. A famous person here said the bass is primarily a mid-range instrument. I want to hear detail with some good punch. I suggest reading lots of reviews of each cab and pick one that suits your style. It's like buying a dog. ;)
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