Dead B String. Inarticulate, unclear, and dull. Help

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  1. Matthardy

    Matthardy Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2018
    I'm on my fourth B string, third set of strings. Problem persists. It has happened after I replaced the only pickup with a Nordstrand Bigrig, however I hope it is unrelated ( I've lowered the pickup beyond normal "low" position)

    The string lacks definition, sustain and clarity. It got a little better when I increased the nut angle by wrapping around the string post until it was as low as could go. I'm thinking something happened when I did the replacement (also routed pickup cavity a little) and put in an Audere pre and a series parallel switch. I've messed with the saddle. Does anyone have any suggestions what to try next?

    Many many thanks
  2. IamGroot

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    Jan 18, 2018
    I had a Yamaha TRB many years ago and the sound died suddenly, especially the B. No improvement with string change. No physical damage evident. Tech just shrugged. I unloaded it quickly.
  3. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    You're saying it didn't have this problem before and it only happened after you changed the pickup?

    Put the old pickup back in and see if it improves. That will eliminate a defect in the new electronics as the reason.
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  4. mmbongo

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    Did you remove the string when you changed the pickup? That may have killed it. I've done it many times myself!
  5. Matthardy

    Matthardy Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2018
    I'm exchanging the Nordstrand BigRig for a DualCoil, so I'll try the old bartolini MK1 when I have it out for the switch. I can't really imagine it being an electronic issue, unless it's the magnetization of the bigger string by a stronger magnet, but I've tried different B strings and the one on their now is out of a very light SS set, so, as big as the low E on another set I tried and had the same issues with.

    Yes I removed the strings but as I've said, I've since replaced the strings a few times (once with the whole set, another 3 times with B only)

  6. kalle74


    Aug 27, 2004
    I find it hard to believe this could an electronic issue... Need more info, though...

    Is the nut properly cut, right size, and generally OK?
    The string is not twisted, right?
    Have you set the witness points?
    The pickup is not too close to the strings?
    Which strings?
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