Dent/lower section appearing in bass top...

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  1. Hi all,

    In the last few months a slight "dent" or lower section has appeared on the top of my bass. It is located at the bottom on the E string side about where the bass bar starts. See picture from the web for the location and two pictures of my bass.




    On one moment the dent is clearly visible and on another moment it is nearly gone. The humidity is always between 50-60%.

    When I was at a luthier yesterday to look at some basses, I told him about this dent and he immediately responded that this was an indication of serious trouble to come. According to him this was caused by the fact that the wood was not properly dried before being used.

    The bass is a 2010 made Chinese one that was completely assembled and setup by another luthier. It is my rental but I really, really like it and I am/was seriously considering buying it as it plays very nice, sounds warm and looks terrific. It shows no other deformations.

    But the luthier I was visiting so strongly advised against buying this bass… But all this without seeing the bass as I did not bring it.

    Today I contacted the luthier that I am renting the bass from because I was worried. Her answer was that "wood lives" and that it was nothing to be really worried about. The dent might be the result of a change in humidity. Which might be true as the dent only appeared at the beginning of winter. She also has not seen the bass yet.

    Both of them are well known/respected luthiers and l value both their opinions.

    A long story... but what are your thoughts on this. I am currently trying to make a choice between three basses to buy and this is one of them. Or not...