Digital Reverb/Delay - High Pass + Tap - "Inexpensive"

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  1. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    Hello, i've been searching something for quiet a while now.
    i need a digital Reverb + Delay combo pedal that will allow me to isolate frequencies.
    I need to cut the low end mostly, to keep it dry and not muddy the mix.
    The Tap Tempo option on delay is a must have for me for rythmical performances too.

    I've been looking at some models :
    Keeley Caverns V2
    Avalanches Run V2 - Earthquaker Devices

    But i can't really figure out if they allow to cut the low end or not. I Think the Avalanches Run has the tap tempo option. Not Sure for the Keeley.

    Im targeting mostly used market because i don't want to spend more than 200Euros/220USD. (worth noting that i live in France so small series of Boutique Pedals from US are usually to expensive for me with the borders taxes)

    Im open to buy two separate pedals that would make the same results if we stay in this price range too.

    I want to use this setup to really shape sounds, versatility and tweaking is something i enjoy. (but i want to avoid softwares setups)
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Pacodelivery


    May 25, 2014
    EHX Deluxe Memory Boy has a high pass filter just for the wet signal, it's a second function for one of the knobs so not something you'd be able to tweak live as easily but if set-and-forget is ok then that would work fine. The empress tape delay also has a hpf for the wet but it's a little more expensive. They both have tap tempo

    You can add an eq pedal to the effects loop of any delay pedal that has an effects loop to adjust the wet signal. The Deluxe memory boy does (in addition to the onboard hpf) as does the EHX deluxe memory man tap tempo pedals, the JHX Panther and Panther cub v1 and v1.5 (but NOT v2), the DOD rubberneck, and the old seymour duncan deja vu. Any old eq pedal will probably do for the purpose you describe, so long as it has bands for low frequencies (ideally at least two between 30 and 250 hz that you can turn down). You could also use a hpf for this like the broughton hpf.

    As for reverb there's plenty of cheap options my recommendation would be either the tc electronic hall of fame mini or fullsize or the ehx holy grail. If you get a delay with an fx loop you can even stick the reverb in the loop of the delay so then you'd your repeats reverbed but not your dry.

    Cheapest option: deluxe memory boy (~$115 used on reverb) plus tc hof mini (~$65 on reverb)
  3. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    Thanks a lot for the loop FX tricks.
    I dont mind if the reverb is analog, but for a first delay I would prefer a digital for more transparence and flexibility.

    Is there any digital delay with tap option, loop FX and HpF? Or maybe just Loop FX and Tap option?
  4. Pacodelivery


    May 25, 2014
    The empress tape delay is digital, but it's an emulation of tape delay so it's not totally pristine but I think it can get clearer than most analog delays.

    The seymour duncan deja vu has parallel and digital circuits, so it's pretty versatile and I've never tried it but from the demos I've watched it seems like it can get pretty pristine.

    If you're looking for high fidelity repeats the ehx memory man 550tt is actually nearly as hifi as a lot of digital delays, it's sort of incredible.

    I was thinking about it and I think some of the delay modes on the line 6 dl4 give you eq control over the wet signal, worth looking into. Their m5 pedal has a lot of the same modes in it as well if the size and power supply of that one are daunting.

    They're more pricey but programmable dsp pedals like the strymon timeline and boss dd500 could get you there for sure.

    Also btw analog reverb in a pedal isn't rly a thing, they're all digital except for one enormous pedal that danelecro used to make that has an actual spring in it.
  5. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    If I want a digital delay it's more about repeat length and possibilities of doing pristine and colored. Than just pristine repeats.

    If I'm correct analog delay have very short effect length.

    I'm checking your recommendations.

    The Line 6 DL4 is the one used by my favorite bassist Les Claypool from Primus. But jeez that thinthing is huge. I heard bad things about the power modules dying and being next to impossible to repare.

    The SD Déjà Vu looks fun, the double blend dry/wet digital/analog option is cool. It's stereo, has a chorus/vibrato effect on board and takes expressions/volume pedals in. That thing is amazing. I might go that way and buy a eq/hpf + reverb later.

    My drive/preamp AMT BC and my Amp have both loop FX but I'm not really sure how it would work with a hpf/eq. I've never used them.
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  6. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    EDIT :
    Sorry for the double post.
    I just read the Seymour Duncan Manual, and i saw that the pedal has a WET Out.
    When you use it the normal ouput becomes a dry signal.

    It lacks the reverb combo, but the modulation and the double analog / digital circuit + the other features and the price factor is way beyond what i needed.

    Im still open to other suggestions, but this one is for the moment my favorite.
    I might get the reverb and EQ/HpF later.
  7. Pacodelivery


    May 25, 2014
    Nice! If you get the Seymour Duncan I’d love to hear how you like it I’ve been interested in it but never got a chance to try it.

    I just had to go back to check, so the deal with the jacks is that the “wet/fb insert” Jack has a dual function. If you plug a normal ts cable (a standard patch cable, that is) it make it a wet only output and the normal output a dry, this could be useful for instance in the studio.

    If you plug what they call an “insert” cable it becomes an fx loop like I’ve been talking about for the wet signal, and the you could add eq or reverb or whatever to the repeats. I use this one (to split the signal coming out of my DOD meatbox), it’s cheap and seems to be built well:
    Hosa STP201RR Right Angle Insert Cable

    You’ll need a male to male trs 1/4” splitter, and if you’re going to mount this on a pedalboard you’ll save yourself some headache by getting one with right angle jacks.

    There’s also a jack called “fb insert” that sort of confuses me, it might also work as an fx loop but all they talk about is that you can use it for a volume pedal in the loop to control feedback. Not sure how it’s different from the other jacks functionality. Either way you’ll need the insert cable as there’s only one jack, there’s no send and return.

    As for where to place the delay pedal in relation to your other pedals, the general logic is to put delay in line after any pedal that distorts or compresses your signal. What I do is run my distortion and compression pedals into my deal and then into the front of my amp, but I set my amp clean.

    Looking at that AMT pedal it looks like you might use it for distortion? Do you set your amp clean or do you get overdrive from it? My guess would be that a good way to try your chain would be

    instrument > amt bc-1 > delay pedal > amp

    but then again there are not hard and fast rules and experimenting is always fun/recommended.
  8. Zoobiedood

    Zoobiedood Commercial User

    Sep 1, 2015
    Writer/Ambassador/Artist/Resident Bass Expert for Seymour Duncan
    While I don't have a Deja Vu here, I do have a Vapor Trail, which has an insert jack. I use it with guitar, though, and I put all sorts of things in that loop, affecting the echoes only...from phaser, EQ, distortion, and even another echo.
  9. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    My Signal chain :
    Boss bc1 Compressor > Pog2 EHX > AMT BC1 (blending preamp and drive) > Amp

    1. Input Jack – Plug in your guitar signal here or if compatible, the send from your amp’s effects loop.

    2. Power Jack – This is where you can connect a 9-volt DC adapter(center negative) if you opt not to run the Déjà Vu on a 9-voltbattery. See notes on battery life on page 14.

    3. Wet Out/Insert – This jack serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a “wet only” output, shutting the wet signal off to the outputs, to create separate wet and dry signals. With an insert cable, however, it’s a wet loop. This means you can send only your delays through any other effect or signal processor imaginable, and return to the feedback loop. Imagine delays with phaser or tremolo on them, or customized EQ settings, Wah pedal, the possibilities are endless! Insert a volume pedal and it becomes your delay level expression pedal, controlling the amount of delay.

    4. FB Insert – Also an insert jack, this pedal interrupts the feedback send. Insert a volume pedal for expression control over the amount of repeats, or insert compressors/expanders/gates to achieve customized delay trails.

    5. Right Output Jack – Provides the right output signal, which contains a phase inverted wet sound, like our favorite old analog stereo chorus, flange, and delay units. Run a cable from this jack to the second input of a stereo effects return, stereo power amp, or a second amplifier.

    6. Left (mono) Output Jack – In addition to being the left output in a stereo setup, use this jack for mono operation. When set to True Bypass, this is where the True Bypass occurs. Run a cable from this jack to the input of a guitar amp or if compatible, the return jack of your amp’s effects loop.

    I've heard some complains about noise, i just hope it's going to be silent.
  10. Pacodelivery


    May 25, 2014
    Hmm yeah I’d put it after the amt and before the amp, then. Not sure about noise, hope it’s not with the right power supply!
  11. thumbslapper

    thumbslapper Supporting Member

    Dec 12, 2007
    San Francisco
    the source audio collider is a delay + verb that has a tap tempo button (its also the delay on/off, but once you figure out how to do it its usable - you can also put in a external tap tempo button) and while it doens't have an official low-cut there is a tone knob which kind of works in a similar fashion. great sounding unit.
  12. Would a used boss rv-500 do all that you want? 350 is new, so around 240-250 is sometimes on reverb. A little more than you wanted to spend but more complete in my opinion. I have one.
  13. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    In the end i've been searching for the Deja Vu used in France and it's next to impossible to find it at reasonable price, it's a very rare unit here. I bought a used Nova Delay by TC electronics for 90 bucks, it has tap tempo, preset saving and a display for timing, it's true stereo so i will be able to use it with my synths too. The modulation seems to be the weakness of the unit, but i just want something clean for now.

    And for the rest i will go later for a parallel signal chain with it's own EQ/HPF.
    Maybe a stereo setup or use a KDA Tyler or wetter box. But for now just the delay will do just fine.
    Im asking too much for my budget i guess.

    Everything will come in time, better slow than broke.
  14. Pacodelivery


    May 25, 2014
    You could get a boss ls2, boss pedals are more commonly available.

    What you'd do is set the ls2 to "a+b mix" and put the delay and eq or hpf in one of the loops, then set the delay to full wet. Then, you'll have parallel volume controls for the wet (the delay and eq) and dry signals, with each of the two loop volume knobs on the ls2.
  15. Aigre-Doux


    Nov 1, 2018
    I was totally forgetting that pedal.
    That's a really cheap way of doing that.