TRADED DMark Fusion 6 - With Video

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  1. Bonafide

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    Oct 15, 2002
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    DMark Fusion 6 - Anthony Jackson style bass. Listed 2 months backed then pulled shortly after pulling it out to put new strings on it.

    $1875 - I have 5 Dmark basses now, 3 of them are 6 strings. Not selling to raise cash.

    This bass was always meant to be a placeholder. An eye condition makes it difficult to play with maple necks. This still may be my favorite looking, feeling and playing bass. But boy do I struggle with the maple. This bass was before I joined the DMark artist roster and it was the only available Fusion in the US when I bought it, but I really connected with it and played it daily. The bass is 9 months old as far as birth date, but it has been well recorded since I have had it.

    Unlisted Compilation Vid (BTW, I have many more video clips of these same pickups and same strings, but on a different bass. Exceptional passive tones and perfection for modern/vintage/R&B tones with active.

    Different bass ^^^ Same Strings, Same Electronics, Same Pickups.

    24 frets (at 99% fret life)
    19 mm
    9.9 lbs (very balanced)
    Hard/Gig Bag Case
    Unused DMark Strap
    Low action, no buzzing, exceptional quality.


    There are polish swirls, haze, mild scuffs etc and one BB sized lacquer/paint ship on the side and headstock (see pics). The darker finish makes it impossible to avoid. Because of this and because of my ability to replace the bass - $1850 shipped for TB.

    Trade ideas: FSO style 5's, Bongos, MMs, Vintage Yamahas - high-end vintage rack effects and vintage drum machines.

    Although these instruments are only $3000-$3500 new here in the US this is Fodera, MTD, FBass quality instrument at Brazilian prices. That said, the brand is growing in the US and prices are rising this year, I know this info directly.

    20220130_113507.jpg 20220127_210922.jpg 20220127_210910.jpg 20220127_210723.jpg 20220127_210641.jpg 20220127_210305.jpg 20220127_210130.jpg 20220127_210100.jpg 20220127_210035.jpg 20220127_210022.jpg 20220127_210014.jpg 20220127_205926.jpg 20220127_205909.jpg 20220127_205831.jpg 20220127_205818.jpg 20220127_205815.jpg 20220127_210628.jpg
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  2. john allemond

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    Jan 9, 2009
    WOW, outstanding playing and great sounding instrument! GLWTS. John
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  3. MarkA

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    Sep 26, 2008
    I'll second the "nice playing." The twisty stuff with the shifts back on the "melodic" track was impressively managed.

    What's the nut width on this -- and what is the neck profile like?
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  4. Bonafide

    Bonafide The Adventures Of Fusion Chicken

    Oct 15, 2002
    Central TX
    Cheers, thank you, melodic minor riff I wrote for scale studies with my teacher.

    So all 3 of my Dmark 6's have the same profile. 54mm nut - neck profile is 22" radius - 20.5 mm thickness 1st fret - 23mm 12 fret. It feels similar to the Yamaha JP2, thin and graceful to play, only lighter and more comfortable. The JP2 is 19mm bridge - 56mm nut and 40" radius and was a favorite bass and influence when looking. EDIT: I should note this bass is more similar to the JP1 at 34"...and not 35"
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    Mar 15, 2021