Double Bass Height and Additions?

Discussion in 'Accessories [DB]' started by Alex8, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Alex8


    Jul 20, 2019
    Soon I will be trying to learn to play the double bass on an old 3/4 one my school has(although there are no instructors or people I can ask questions of). I'm about six feet tall and I read that the nut should be about eyebrow level with me, however it's at least a foot lower than that. The endpin is a 1 inch, non-adjustable metal spike, and friction fit in the bottom. I don't plan on becoming a master, but I don't want to hinder myself or or cause unecessary discomfort. Any suggestions on what to do? Sitting? Is it alright as is? Do I need an endpin stop?
  2. A foot lower? Really?
  3. jheise


    Aug 11, 2004
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hi Alex8,

    my suggestion: get the bass fixed. You need an endpin that is height-adjustable.
    To find the correct height for the bass in relation to your body - it's not relevant if you want to sit or stand - the endpin needs to be adjustable in height. Also, the rule of thumb "nut corresponding to eyebrow" might give you a start. But in my experience, it's more complicated than that so you need an adjustable endpin to do all the experiments.
  4. Chris Fitzgerald

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    @jheise is correct above. In the meantime, if you were to sit on a 24" stool, the "endpin all the way in" setting you are currently stuck at might work. I'm a little over 6'1" and I sit this way with my endpin al the way in.
  5. Alex8


    Jul 20, 2019
    Thank you all for the advice! I'll look for a place to replace the endpin and try a stool.

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