SOLD Drolo Twin Peaks v4

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    Oct 25, 2019
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    Drolo Twin Peaks v4 Tremolo
    Incredibly flexible and amazing sounding Tap Tempo Harmonic tremolo!
    Another one that hurts to put on the block.
    Near Mint Condition
    $325.00 Shipped CONUS
    International Shipping available at buyers expense.

    Manufacturer Description:
    Twin Peaks is a tremolo that consists of two separate analog audio paths whose volume can be modulated.
    One is a low-pass and the other a high-pass filter.
    When you modulate both in sync it sounds like a regular tremolo where the whole audio spectrum is modulated at once.
    When you modulate them out of sync your output signal will pan from the low pass to the high pass signal and you will get interesting phasing effects where the two filter curves meet.
    This is what is usually referred to as a harmonic tremolo.

    While the Tap tempo and LFO functions are digital, the audio path is 100% analog. The tremolo effect is achieved using optocouplers.

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  3. cosmicevan

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    This is so much more than a tremolo. This pedal does things. Mmmm...I LOVE this one.
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  4. gh0st42


    Oct 25, 2019
    It’s definitely one I’ll have to try repurchase again when the time is right.

    Which admittedly ain’t an easy task!
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