Drum & Bass duet - Don't Worry Be Happy Cover

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  1. Hi

    Here is my last music video.
    I hope you will like it !
    You can ask any question you might have :).

    Let me tell you the story behind this song's choice :
    I have been a big fan of Bobby McFerrin for years. The albums "Bang! Zoom" and "Beyond Words" are probably my favorites out of his discography. Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to see Bobby performing live even though I have tried many times !
    - The first time was in 2009. I had bought tickets for a concert in Paris, and haven't been able to get there for health reasons. I sold the tickets the day before the show on the internet. The person who bought me those tickets described it to me as one of the best show she had ever seen.
    - The second time was in 2012. I had tickets to see him at the festival "Jazz des Cinq Continents" (Marseille, France). He was performing with "Yellow Jackets" as a guest. My car broke down the day of the show and I ended up giving the tickets to a friend (by email) who was already there. As a compensation, I was able to watch the show on youtube a year later...
    - The third time was in 2017. I had bought tickets for a show in Lyon (France). The show was due a few days after my sister's birthday. It was perfect for a gift! Once again, I was out of luck, the whole tour was cancelled because of Bobby's health issues...

    Few months ago, I was transcribing Jeff Berlin's version of "Tears in Heaven" (from the album "Taking Note" released in 1997) and I had the idea to apply his concept to another song.
    As a tribute to Bobby McFerrin, I chose to work "Don't worry Be Happy" and to play it during my concerts. I'm not worried but I am still hoping to see him live some day!

    This track will appear on the next EP of the Thomas Laffont Group. Let's record together this CD thanks to your financial support! Here's the link to our kisskissbankbank's page if you wish to follow us in this adventure : https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/the-house-by-the-sea
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