Drum software that is easy to program and standalone.

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by odie, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. I want to get some recordings done with just me(industrial/heavy)stuff and I dont want to mess around with a band. Just me. I have another band already.

    What drums machine software is easy to program or work with and that is stand alone.

    I have messed with FL but it is more of a toy than anything and I jsut need to setup bassic samples and drums.

    I looked at DKFH but it looks like you need to run it as a VST in Cubase. I use Tracktion and dont want to learn another program at this point.

    I messed with Hydrogen a couple times and it seems complicated and has a robotic sound. I used the pitch variation and it helped. I looked for a humanization effect but couldnt find one. But again I was confused by the interface.
  2. Hydrogen is about the simplest program I've ever used. It does have humanization. In the mixer window there are three knobs: time, velocity, and swing. In my experience, any drum software will sound a little mechanical unless you program in all the little fills and stuff that a real drummer would do and tweak your velocities carefully. Same for any synthesis really
  3. +1 to that. Great drum machine.
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    Hi Odie,

    I've used DrumCore with good results. It can run stand alone and can pull up as a plug in within Tracktion, among other recording software. I don't know how much you are wanting to invest on this. I've installed it on my Studio computer and have been very pleased. You can get more info on this here, or give me a holler with questions.


    Videos of it being used here:

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