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DTAR Equinox?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Esquillama, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Is anyone using the DTAR Equinox as a standalone preamp?
    I did a search, but came up with nothing.
    It looks like it would allow for great tone shaping.
    Here's a link if you don't know what it is.

    Here's about the cheapest price I've found for it.
    And you get a free gig bag! (just scroll down a little)
  2. Me too. The website seems to be oriented to acoustic guitars, but Bob Gollihur is carrying it for URB and says it is a similar alternative to the discontinued True Blue EQ. Since D-TAR is a venture of Seymore Duncan and Rick Turner, I would assume they know what they are doing. I'm wondering about using it for everything from dobro to my Rick Turner Electroline bass.
  3. I wrote to them via their website asking about a mute switch
    that was mentioned in the features, and this was the email
    response I got;

    It's wrongly worded on the website....while there is a "bypass" feature, there is no mute footswitch for the Equinox.

    Note that it is an incredible tone shaping device for pretty much all stringed instruments - from mando to upright bass.
    Did you read the letter from Joe (bass - The Waybacks) on our main page? http://www.d-tar.com/main.shtml

    I have used it with great success in a variety of situations...including as a front end preamp for a 30w 2 x 12 tube combo with my ES 335...the variety of possibilities and the surgical precision are second to none.


    Billy Gill
    Sales Manager
    D-TAR Duncan:Turner Acoustic Research
    "With respect to acoustic tone"
    5427 Hollister Ave.
    Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2345
    Ph: 805-964-9610
    Fx: 805-964-9749
    E: billy@d-tar.com
  4. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    I have an Equinox as well as a Solstice (preamp/mixer/blender) and the MamaBear (acoustic guitar "modeler"--but not a modeler like what you might think; it's quite different and unique). I use all three on bass...mostly on my piezo powered Godins (being semi-acoustic and all), but I have used the Equinox as well as the Solstice on my "conventional" basses as well.

    As a stand alone preamp the Equinox is inscredible. Yes there is tone shaping galore, and it a true audiophile-quality unit. Dead silent and very professional (certainly fits into my domain as a session player!).
    Yet, it is kinda bare bones as far as intos and outas go. It has no aux loop, tuner send or such. It does have a mighty fine balanced DI as well as TWO 1/4" outputs (one which could be used as a tuner send...and the notch filters as well as the parametric have seperate bypass switches...but no "mute".

    It is for this reason I use it in tandem with the Solstice (anotherfine preamp for bass, BTW (I use the Equinox in the insert of one of the Solstice channels).
    Exceptional build qualioty and sound...yes, Rick Turnerand Seymor Duncan Do have a bit of a pedigree when it comes to designing high-quality preamps and pickups!

    BTW, I replaced a Demeter HBP1 with the Solstice/Equinox combo...and all my pedals and rack effects with the MamaBear (OK, I am still using, quite sparingly, a Demeter analog spring reverb...). The D-Tar stuff is quite top notch, and to my ears sounded even better than the Dem (albeit without the Dem's "tubey-ness---I had replaced the stock tube with a NOS Mullard ECC82).

    Very cool indeed!

  5. I have been batting around the idea of using the Equinox or the Soltice as a preamp between my Electroline with piezo and 2 soapbars and an EA Wizzy Powered Cab. The idea was to buy the pre and one cab and then add a second (or maybe even a third) as finances allow. I haven't found much on the D-Tar products, nor much on the powered Wizzy. A Wizzy Combo may be a simpler way to go.
  6. emjazz

    emjazz Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Bronx, NY
    I've been interested in the D-TAR stuff for a while. I think the preamp and a powered cab is a great idea. I'm also really interested in the Eclipse onboard buffer for use in a bass guitar.