E flat tuning

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  1. how would i tune down to e flat tuning without the use of a chromatic tuner?
  2. Use a piano or keyboard!
  3. Meehaw


    Jun 11, 2003
    Gdynia, Poland
    Provided that you are already in standard tuning, tune down the G string half a step to F#(4th fret, D string)and then the usual stuff(i.e. open string-fifth fret or the harmonic on the 7th and 5th frets).
    If you want to downtune only the E string, tune it down in the way that the 6th fret-E string is the same pitch as an open A string.
    Hope that helps :)
  4. First fret will be your E - A - D - G if you have a set tone tuner. So just fret the first and tune.

    I tend to ask guitarist these days "Do you tune to A=440 or do you think you're Stevie Ray?". 2 of my last 3 guitarists felt the guitar "sounded and responded" better in Eb :rolleyes:
  5. haha don't you hate that? I understand that tuning down half a step makes bending easier when you use big ole strings but it's so annoying to us bass players. It's even worse when the metalheads think it somehow makes things "heavier" :)
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