easy recording to a smartphone (android) ... opinions on these options please

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  1. I am going fretless (sort of). Recording myself on fretted (with backing tracks) and playing the fretless against those recordings.

    So audio needs to be decent but not great. I have just been playing and recording audio on my smartphone. But I think something with better audio slightly might be better.

    Do not want to get into PC recording ... too much setup and time ... just want plug n play

    I do have a few XLR microphones .... planning on mic'ing in front of the cabinet and there are options to use these with a smartphone.

    Some plug into the micro-USB (via a OTG cable).
    Others plug into the headphone jack (TRRS)
    All need some type of preamp it seems.
    Here are the 3 that I have seen.

    Shure X2U (xlr to usb adapter)
    Blue Icicle (xlr to usb adapter)
    iRig Pre (xlr to headphone jack)

    I am 100% anti-hiss ... drives me crazy.

    Anyone have experience with any of these options?
    Or an opinion on these options?
    Or any other suggestion?

  2. And I

    And I

    Feb 19, 2009
    Witchtown, MA
    I don't think you'll save any time on setup by using your phone. Certainly you will limit your options and most likely your recording quality as well. Seems it would be easier, faster, and better to get a simple recording interface for the laptop, install it, get a simple recording program, select your audio interface in the preferences one time... Then plug in your bass and your mics, load up your backing tracks, hit record, and play. No more setup/config than using the phone.
  3. Or at least: get an interface. I don't know Android, but there should be decent interfaces for not too much money that work with Android and decent recording software, too. If you have an iPhone, there are plenty of possibilities. I would stay away from the iRig-Pre. The analog-in of most smartphones are not just low quality, but they use the same circuit as the internal mic. And this means: there is a high pass filter in the circuit that filters everything sub 200 ht out (makes sense for phone calls).
  4. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. Always good suggestions here.

    Due to living in a small apartment, my office/PC and exercise room and shed are all the same room .... the PC is about 15 feet away from the bass and separated by the exercise equipment. Any time I want to use the PC and it's DAW, I have a lot of cable to run and can't leave them out. So it gets time consuming to setup PC recording (I have mics and DI boxes and a Onyx Blackjack for when I do record semi-seriously). And worse is hitting "play/record" on the PC and then scooting through the room (and all the junk in between) to get to my bass and amp. Then finding something is wrong, hanging up the bass, scooting back, and you get the picture.

    I just got a fretless (my first one) and am working on intonation. So I play the fretless and record some tracks on the phone (very easy to do with minimal setup and no running back n forth). Then play them back on my amp/cab and play along with the fretted. So the recording only really needs to be good enough for me to hear and check intonation.

    I do like the idea of having the BlackJack, mics, and DAW setup and ready to go. Someday I'll get a laptop or have easier PC access during recording. I do the backing tracks on the PC so this would be much handier to be able to lay the fretted recording right on top of the backing tracks via the DAW.

    Thank you. This is good to know that the iRig-Pre analog is low quality.

    Seems like USB is the way to go then. I have the OTG to make the phones micro-USB behave like a full USB. Using the Shure XLR to USB adapter should allow me use of a mic. Then the Audio Evolution App or something similar to record with.

    Thanks again everyone for the help. Any additional comments are always welcome!
  5. And I

    And I

    Feb 19, 2009
    Witchtown, MA
    if a little more money isn't a deal breaker you could get a small snake for the mics and your bass. Only one cable to run!

    Hosa LITTLE BRO' SH 6X2 20 - 20'
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