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Eden 300T Opinions/advise

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Wyattsgroove, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. I would like to hear from E300T users on how this amp has performed. Good,bad, all of it!
    What cabs are you using? What style of music are you playing? I'd like to hear it all!

    Heres why : I just got an offer to buy a 300T and my choice of an E series 410,210,or 115 cab ( I'll choose the 410 ) at an insane price. All this stuff is NOS.

    I've been an Eden user for a long time and just have no experience with the E series stuff.

    I have a, WT 550 and a 210 xlt currently. I have owned a WT260,WT500 highwayman, a 410xlt, 212xlt, and lastly a DC112XLT combo.

    Currently my playing includes: country,blues,rock,southern rock, modern rock, top 40 and anything else I get asked to do!

    I have been gassing for a tube amp and this deal was just offered to me by a shop owner. I want to be sure that before I sell off a bunch of stuff that the amp and cab are worth it !

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

  2. The little bit I know about it is that it's a Chinese tube amp that was made under a variety of names and supposedly isn't very Eden like in it's tone. Make sure you test it out to make sure you like the tone before you sell anything for it.
  3. sevdog


    Mar 2, 2008
    It's not the same amp but I had a 300VT and it was amazing. I never would have sold it if I didn't have a gap in regular large gigs and was desperate for money...if the 300t is the same circuits or tuned the same or whatever (I'm more of a big picture guy that specs) then I'm sure it sounds phenomenal.
  4. Hi.

    Not Eden, but a couple of resistors and capacitors difference in the mid EQ:


    I'm mainly a "straight into the board DI-sort of a feller", but If my financial situation was different, I'd buy every single one of these amps every time one pops out.

    One of these days I will buy another one for a backup. That's for sure.

    Insane as in ~$750 or insane as in $1500?

    Eden as in Eden USA, or Eden as in "let's buy cheap stuff from China for peanuts and charge double for the Eden badge" E-series Eden?

    If it's the former, You're most likely SOL, if its the latter, only You can make the desicion.

  5. Marshman


    Feb 15, 2006
    I have and gig the E300T. I've gig close to twice a month and practice weekly. I play passive basses through a 410 (though looking for 15s, just out of curiousity). I have no idea what "the Eden Sound" is.

    The amp is kind of on the trebley side for my tastes with the eq section set all at noon, but I can dial my desired fat, fundamentally Motown sorta tone easily enough, and other folks that have used it have had no problem dialing in a satisfactory tone using the sparse control set, even the 'overdrive', which I've NEVER used. I feel like my tone is slipping a little lately, so I'm checking out a new set of power tubes (I replaced all the preamp tubes with NOS American made stuff early on, just because I could) and expect that to get me right back on track.

    The amp is VERY heavy, make no mistake, but this sort of tube tone requires very large transformers, there's just no way around it with vacuum tubes.

    I've had no problems with the amp at all, and like the bias circuit, allowing for individual biasing if each tube from the back without removing the chassis. If I had to complain about something, it would be that the tuner out does not function when the amp is in standby, so it seems silent tuning is not possible without the (included) footswitch hooked up for muting...a front panel mute switch would have been nice.

    Good Luck

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