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Eden Navigator Sensitivity Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Jason Hollar, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Howdy,

    Since I'm challenged by the math concepts involved, can someone please help clarify the following?

    I'm seriously considering an Eden Navigator preamp. The manual states that the unit is shipped with a 2.8V output. There is an internal switch that can make it 1.4V.

    I have a trusty Crown K1 power amp which has a switch on the back for 1.4V and 26dB.

    Would it make sense to have the preamp set for 1.4V to match my amp...or would the 2.8V factory setting work as well?

    Page 8 of the manual explains the settings...but I'm still not sure how it would/should work for me. I want M-M-Max Headroom and the cleanest/matched setup as to not damage my amp or speakers.


  2. poundround


    Mar 8, 2005
    Lynchburg VA
    I asked the same question at the eden forum. I own a CE1000 and it has the same switch, 1.4v and 26. One guy sent me a CE2000 manual and it stated that 26db is for anything over 2.5v, so I just set mine to that. Also, the nav rocks, so get it.
  3. Pound Round!

    Yes, I read your post on the Eden Forum.

    So...you switch your amp to the 26dB setting...no distortion/badness, etc.? Do you get plenty of headroom...do you have to run the preamp too hot -- or is it right on?

    Have you tried the amp switched to the 1.4 setting? I wonder if it's louder and still OK to do this?

    Glad to hear you like the Navigator pre. I've always wanted one -- especially with the EQ options and Compressor. Now I've got the bread and want to take the plunge! Any more advice would be greatly appreciated -- I'm mostly an upright jazz player, so I've been out of the electric bass loop for quite some time. I do plan on using it with my Modulus Vintage Jazz bass and SWR Goliath III cab -- as I'm looking at taking a full-time Rock/Blues/Soul gig very soon.

    Also, I secretly hope to run my upright through it -- on certain louder gigs!

    Thanks man!

  4. poundround


    Mar 8, 2005
    Lynchburg VA
    Man, tell me how the upright sounds. I been wanting to put a pickup in mine and run it through the eden. So far the crown and Nav are working fine. I just use the gain to make sure the levels are ok. Glad I could help a fellow low ender out. :bassist:
  5. Nav with a K1 here. The nav is fine as is. You bump up the output on the Nav, and you'd just have to turn the input knob down on the power amp. 6 of one, half a dozen of another. Makes no difference. Might as well leave the nav alone, its easier to turn the vol knob on the power amp to make any needed adjustment. I usually have the K1 about halfway up, give or take, depending on how bit the room is, how loud the band is.

  6. Randy,

    Thanks for the scoop. Just hard to "imagine" how the levels will work together...kind of a touchy thing...but at least there are options.

    However, I do love my Crown amp -- it's amazing. If I had all kinds of money and needed to build a bigger rig, I'd buy a K2 in a hurry.

    Pound Round -- I will let you know how the upright sounds. If you need good advice on getting a pickup, hop over to the Double Bass Forums -- there are near endless discussions on the topic -- and plenty of good suggestions too. I use a Barbera custom-built bridge pickup ($600) and absolutely love it. I also have a Fishman Full Cirlce installed. It's OK, but not as loud and clear as the Barbera -- but hey...that's another thread!

    Peace guys -- I'll respond back to this thread if/when I decide to purchase the Navigator.

  7. Don't worry, you're looking at it like you're plugging a 110 V appliance into a 220V socket. Not so, that's what the volume control on the power amp is for... :D

    If the nav switch is at 1.4 v, you'll have to turn up the volume knob on the K1 6dB higher than you would if the nav switch is at 2.8v. That's about 2 clicks on the volume knob. That's it, the only difference. No big deal.

  8. Thanks...

    I think the online manual stated the internal voltage is set at 2.8...so does that mean it's a hotter output?

    I guess this will all become clear when I try it for myself. However, over the years in trying out different rigs, I've found some stuff matches much better than others...just worried I'll spend $700 and not be happy with the results. I have tried a Navigator before and was thrilled with the sound -- I think it was with a Stewart World amp or possibly a QSC Powerlight...but not with a Crown.

    Cool, cool. Thanks so much for the good advice!