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  1. Another electric piano based thread (sorry!) but I've seen a cool video where someone uses a EHX Freeze as a workaround for a Hohner Pianet having no sustain pedal, but the drawback is that the sound doesn't decay at all, is there any other pedal that does the same job where the volume will drop down a bit?
  2. PunkRocker33133

    PunkRocker33133 Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2008
    Northern VA
    Pretty sure the Plus pedal would do this? Also that Shift Line mini freeze thing decays after like 5 minutes?
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  3. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Apologies for my ignorance, but what is "the Plus pedal"?
  4. Check out the EHX SuperEgo or SuperEgo+, that might be your ticket
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  5. PunkRocker33133

    PunkRocker33133 Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2008
    Northern VA
    It looks like a piano sustain pedal, and does polyphonic freeze type effects with Attack and decay. I haven’t messed with one personally but it seems really cool.
  6. 254 stringer

    254 stringer Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    Waco Texas
    I thought the freeze had momentary with decay, it’s been a while since I owned it though.
  7. Being and Bass

    Being and Bass

    Apr 9, 2017
    The Superego+ is what you are looking for. The "Sustain" function allows you to pedal in the sustain with independent attack and decay controls, as well as a threshold control to actually limit what passes through.
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  8. Brio


    Mar 10, 2013
    Kansas City
    It sounds like you just want long feedback on a delay. Do you need to controll it with a momentary switch (press to hold) like the Freeze or are you just looking for sounds to hang around for a while?

    The EHX SuperEgo and SuperEgo Plus will do very long decay on delay. I can get pad-like delay sounds from my Nemesis delay as well. As a bonus it has a momentary freeze when you hold the tap.
  9. Pretty much want it to have as much of a piano like effect as possible! Not sure if a delay would cover that as I don't really want the echo, the 'plus pedal' sounds very much what I'm after though. The Freeze also does pretty much what you'd want, giving a dry sustain, but as far as I could tell it went on infinitely? Or at least the decay takes so long that it doesn't really have a very natural sound
  10. The DD-500 and Timeline can do that sort of effect pretty well. Just set delay time and "smear" low enough that you don't actually hear the repeat. It kind of gives you a cloud to play on top of that will decay naturally when you let off the footswitch.
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  11. stambroker


    Aug 12, 2011
    The Freeze has a setting (the "Slow" setting) where it's only holding the note as you hold down the switch, then it fades the sound out. You can semi-adjust the speed of decay, explained here: Electro-Harmonix . I'd combine that with a short decay reverb for the effect you're looking for, where the sound just tapers out organically.
  12. Whoa, THANX!! , I've owned this pedal for several months, never knew this. Maybe I shoulda RTFM.... :(
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  13. Could do with any pedal being momentary for quick chord changes and stuff like that, pretty much want it to act as closely to a piano sustain as possible so need to be able to press to engage and release to get rid with no decay once it's off. The plus pedal looks ideal, just a bit pricey at the moment, and the superego pedals are probably a little much too.

    I'm sure the Freeze will do a job for now, if there was a way to make the sound decay while it was still active it would be perfect, but it only decays when it's been deactivated. I'm sure it won't be too noticeable as a good piano sustain goes on a pretty bloody long time anyway, but would be nice if the volume could decay while it was on, then stop dead the moment it was deactivated. For now it doesn't look like I can afford much else, unless someone can elaborate on how you use a delay for this sort of effect, without having any echo reverb or actual delays going on? And if so one that has momentary operation that isn't too expensive!

    Thanks for the response by the way guys, some interesting ideas!
  14. Sorry to slightly revive this, but after looking into various ways of doing this looks like momentary delay might be the best way!

    Found this video and the sustain like effect is pretty much spot on, would probably turn the mix down for more clean signal, but otherwise is pretty much perfect.

    Can you get this effect with a more straightforward analogue pedal? Also would any controllable oscillation help give any further sustain? And are sounds going to layer on top of an effect like this or just cut out when there's a new input signal?
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  15. BassChuck


    Nov 15, 2005
    Freeze has 3 different delay settings.
  16. Bastijnv


    Nov 14, 2015
    Utrecht NL
    Check out the pigtronix philosopher bass. It's a compressor with endless sustain, or just as much as u would like by turning the sustain button. It also has a clean blend, an extremely usefull grit option and they just released a mini version. In this video they show the original and let a note go on forever.

  17. They're both cool pedals, but could do with something that's gonna layer up nicely. The sustain on that comp is fairly immesne though, is that just compression?! Bit ludicrous referring to it as the "most versitile compressor on the market" howeve. My FEA dual band which I thankfully managed to find second hand for about half the new price (never would have afforded one otherwise, if I ever got to the end of the massive waiting list that is), plenty of other comps with more functionality then that too. For the price and if you're after that sort of punchy transparent low mid heavy tone then it looks perfect though. That grit is nice too, shame they didn't show it at a few different levels as it was pretty full on in the video, could still hear some clean sparkel coming through though which was nice.

    My thinking for the Pianet, was that I was gonna have some reverb on the go anyway to give a bit more sustain to the overall sound, then a dark sounding delay to make notes ring out when you wanted them to.

    Whatever setting are used in the above video seem ideal for what I'm after, would just need momentary switching for it, which I know you can add to any pedal with a momentary footswitch soldered in. The reverb would hopefully cover the need for tails to stop it sounding too dead when it was released. I imagine it'll be a case of just getting the right settings - to make it seem as much like a continuous sound as possible, rather then an obvious delay - then getting the right brightness/darkness level to make it blend in as well as possible.

    Not bothered about it sounding 100% organic, the Pianet very much sounds like an electric instrument anyway, just want a delay that can function in as similar way as possible to a sustain pedal! Unfortunately the actual sustain pedals don't allow layering with more sustained notes, just one sustaining sound to play over the top of with a dry sound.
  18. Bastijnv


    Nov 14, 2015
    Utrecht NL
    True :)

    In that case I recommend the Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master. Reverb and delay in one pedal, in which they beautifully interact with each other. But this pedal also has it's limitations. No tap tempo, no presets. But the sound... drool

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