Eight Track Hard Disk Recorders

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  1. I am on the lookout for 8-track recorders(used) as I am in my junior year of HS and because I am looking at music schools(in large universities- NYU, Umiami, Michigan, UCLA, Berklee, etc.) I will be working on my audition tape(CD) which for atleast two schools requires an example of my recording work-I'd like to study production/sound engineering.

    So, what are some things I should be looking for in a quality recorder? I know many new ones have drum machines and effects and the sort, but I won't likely be using one and don't want to waste money on a recorder that has something I don't need. Parametric EQ? Lots of XLR? Companies I should be looking at? I have a budget of less than US$400(used)

    Thanks, Glenn

    PS- If this kind of thing has been posted before let me know. I quickly looked through the rest of the forum and did a search so...

    PPS- that 400$ also will prolly include accesories, mics, whatever...
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    I'll sell you my Boss BR-1180CDR. Works wonderfully, I just need more tracks.