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    Sep 19, 2019
    I recently decided to dive into my cheap six string bass and attempt to do some modifications. I'm completely new to dealing with any inner workings of my basses so I've been kinda winging it as I go. I'm at the point that I've replaced all of my hardware and electronics but have ZERO sound. Just completely unresponsive. Installed a Bourns 500k volume potentiometer, PureTone barrel jack, DarkGlass Tone Capsule preamp, and a Skjold ramp pickup.

    I had to make my own wiring diagram as nothing came with the pickup and I couldnt find anything online.

    Is there something I'm missing? Something I screwed up? Any input at this point would be helpful!

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  2. If you wired it exactly like your drawing, the signal hot should go to the tip connection on the output jack. You have the battery minus there in the drawing. The battery negative lead should connect to the ring terminal and the grounds connect to sleeve.

    Understanding Guitar Wiring | stewmac.com
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    Sep 19, 2019
    I was basing my diagram on the diagram provided with the preamp. According to that the "out" of the preamp, which I assume is the hot, shows it connected to the ring and the battery connected to the tip. I just tried switching them to no avail.
    Here is part of the diagram for the preamp.
  4. Not sure then. The signal hot definitely goes to the tip connection. If it was on my bench, I’d probably start by bypassing everything and connecting the pickup to the amp and see if I had signal there and work my way forward and see where the signal goes away.

    If it’s a barrel jack, are you sure the connections are right? I usually end up double checking with a meter.
  5. I just completed a project bass and had no output. When I removed the pickguard with controls, it worked. When installed, it did not. My issue was that the new Switchcraft jack was a little bit larger in diameter than the stock jack. And I made a new pickguard with the hole being a little closer to the end point of the routed cavity. Combine those two and my jack was touching the inside wall of the cavity grounding out. I used a small drum sander on my drill and widened the cavity to give me about an 1/8" of clearance.
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    Looking at your wiring diagram it very much look to me as if all the wires, grounds and hots have direct connection with each other, unless you draw one line by mistake that is not actually a connection.

    The upper NF on your drawing which is directly connected to all the ground wires from the pickup is directly connected to to the upper NS, which again is directly connected to the lower NS.

    Now I am no electronic expert either, and I might have misunderstood something or your drawing, but to me it looks like all your ground wires are directly connected to the all the hot wires of the pickup.

    But I might very well read your diagram wrong, it's hard to tell when you used the same color for all the connections.
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    Basscreator has his drawing labeled wrong. The contact further from the sleeve is the tip, the middle one is the ring..
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    The problem with replacing 4 things at once is..if nothing works, what is the culprit?

    What I would do....figure out the pickup wiring first. Get it working passive with nothing but pickup and jack.

    Then get the preamp working with another, more simple 2 conductor pickup that you know works.

    Then you can put them together, and done!
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