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  1. Valis


    Mar 30, 2004
    I was wondering if anybody here has experience or opinion on this wood for double bass construction.

    I've read it's heavy and stringy and I guess I wouldn't use it for the back or the sides, but I was wondering if it'd be a good alternative for the neck.
    The piece I could buy has regular straight grain and some nice flame as well.
  2. in the south it is a two syllable word...pronounced "el-um". it does have many uses, it feels heavy when green,but drys out to be pretty light. it is tough,stringy and a little fuzzy to tool but will finish and polish nice if you are patient. i can't speak for its' carving value, it has interlocking grain and might be challenge. get a small piece and mess around with it. i believe it is surely up to the task, strength wise for a neck. the biggest drawback imo is it has a tendency to bow,even short pieces.

    lovely tree ;)
  3. Well, people are always looking for a bass that is easy to bow. :D