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  1. Seansean1968


    Nov 1, 2018
    Hi all.
    Im in the UK and have a eppi tbird pro 5 5 string to play with as a project.
    It currently has active pickups and badass bridge as standard, but id like to know what other options are out there. Eg, upgrading pickups emgs?? Bridge?? Nut?? Tuners etc etc.
    If anyone has any recomendations on the above etc that would be great as all ideas are welcome!!

  2. Fudgebass


    Jun 3, 2019
    Go with Hipshot ultralight tuners for the tuners, Keep the badass bridge, go with a Tusk its old but still great tuning and longlasting. Go with the TBTW EMG pickups these are insanely good for the price and keep that classic thunderbird sound> This is my bass with The TBTW Pups and it sounds insane

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  3. Felix Lopez

    Felix Lopez Mettā

    May 15, 2018