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  1. hello my fellow bassists, i am new to this site. i have come across a new bass that i had purchased and would like to share info about the man who makes these instruments and the instrument its self. to start off with the company is ergo and ran by Jesse. Jesse is a awesome person to and share information and musical experiences with. he is very knowledgable on basses and other instruments and very easy to talk to over emails when i purchased a 8 string eub from him in trans black. for the price of this awesome instrument the quality and sound and action and feel of this bass is surly awesome. since i have recieved the bass I havn't put it down every time i practice and perform with my friends at public places its always been the first i pick up to use out of my little collection. the bass is light weight easy to travel with with big full sound. yes with this bass i feel its the closest to sounds like a upright in my book i own to acoustic double bassist this AXE comes extremly close in its own unique way. The bass is a full 41 inch scale bass from bridge to nut i believe the bass is carved from honduran mohagany but if u purchase one from Jesse just ask he will let u kno everything that goes on when he biulds your bass for. this all i have comment please well have a good day.

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  2. yes i am currently in the army, but heading to cali in the summer hopeing to meet up with some old friends and restart our band and continue college there as well
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  4. thank you i will look into it
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