SOLD Ernie Ball PDN "Starry Night" Bass...Impeccably Pristine

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    ..and when I say "pristine", I mean it. PDN-"PREMIER DEALER NETWORK". Supposedly, ONLY the high volume and "better" Music Man dealers got this instrument, and if they did, they did NOT get many. I'll take the liberty here of referring you to three "links" which will go into clearer detail than I ever could...

    Starry Night | Premier Dealer Network | Ernie Ball Music Man

    Music Man StingRay Bass PDN in Starry Night Sparkle Burst

    And there you have it. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!!

    The "dots" on the magnificent ebony board are just that...DOTS. The stick-on kind. Removing them is far easier than getting them placed perfectly. Being much more comfy with fingerboard markings than NOT, I find these to be not only helpful performance wise, but visually appealing. When placed perfectly (take a close look) it's almost impossible to tell them apart from factory installed.

    The clear pickguard. I mean really, how could you NOT!!!!!??? Without any doubt, the "oooohs" and "aaahs" I've heard (the few times it's been out of the house) have only affirmed to me that clear should have been standard, or, at the very least, an "option" I'll send you the original black one, but you will NOT be using it any time soon.

    OHSC of course. One pickup. No need for more, this baby sings.

    Trades? Doubt it highly, but go ahead. Specific questions such as " how much does it weigh", etc, can most likely be found in any one of the three links attached.

    Happy holidaze to my low end bass bretheren!!!

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    one of the links shows a matching headstock, the other doesn't. are either of those the actual bass being sold here?
    this is their standard generic weight spec: Weight: 9 lbs, 5 oz (4.22 kg) - varies slightly
    individual basses vary. how much is the one you're selling?

    this is the spec from one of your links:

    is this the bass being sold?
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    yessir..the photos attached are indeed of the exact bass being sold.
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    Dec 16, 2017
    I have a Music Man Stingray Classic 5 in Tobacco Burst. It’s also a PDN color. Interested in a trade?
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    thanks, but no.
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    My God, it's full of stars
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