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    Mar 12, 2016
    Looks like a Hoyer. The neck feels like a Jazzbass. Aktive controls with only one pickup: volume, high, mid and bass. First knob volume, with pull/push deep/high enhancement. Second knob: mid. Third knob: double poti bass/high. MM style pickup and electronics by Seymour Duncan. Wood and Paintwork by ESP Custom Shop Japan. Neck: Maple, fingerboard Rosewood and body: ???, i asked, but they never answered. Perhaps ash or maple because it is heavy. The body has on the up and down side a darker wood with about 1mm "furniert". I know, because the paintwork is a little cracked on my bass(black). The body could be ash or maple. I think it is maple. The saddle is carbon and the frets are stainless steel.
    This guitar does not only looks fantastic - it sounds awesome! I do not think that it's the electrics. It is perfect made. The deep sounds are super clear, the mids come around and high enough! I bought it new for 3200 DM. That is now 1600 euro.

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