Excessive noise using the VT Bass?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by CPplaysBASS, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Mar 17, 2007
    Ok, just waving the whilre flag here to start ... the "search" function does not allow words less than 3 letters (e.g. VT) and the main VT Bass thread now stands at 27 pages making it a bit unwieldy if someone has a specific question about the pedal ... :bag: ... so with that said ...

    Does anyone else with this pedal find that turning the Character knob past 12:00 creates so much hiss, that the setting is virtually unusable?

    I bought a VT Bass pedal last night. VERY happy with it ... was always very happy with my tone (always straight into my Genz Benz GBE600) but after clicking the pedal off I have to click the VT Bass back on. What they say about it enriching the harmonics is definitely true and incredible.

    The one thing though, is the "character" knob adds a ton of noise. Personally, I find it unusable with the character knob past 12:00 (with the drive at any level). Tried plugges in before the amp like every other stomp box, and straight to the power amp via the effects return.

    Fortunately I found my two favourite tones that add minimal noise (although with one, the level is set at 7:00).

    However, is it just the fact the the output has more juice than a typical pedal (I can crank the level, gain, mids, highs, anything on the MXR BlowTorch and have NO added hiss at all).

    I know the manual mentions a noise factor - of course not blaming it on the VT Bass - the manual's exact wording is "Tech 21 pedals have exceptionally low noise levels. However they may amplify noise emanating from the input source."

    But if I can't hear hiss without the pedal, and can hear a lot of hiss after engaging the pedal ... well the pedal is making my rig noisier. Period! lol

    Like I said, I found the settings that rock my world, but would still prefer to have the option of trying all settings and want to ensure this is not a fault of the pedal itself.

    I bought it at a large retailer, but it was used ... meant paying $115 instead of $190 Canadian (and it was virtually new with even the sticker still in the package). If, from others experiences, it seems I have a pedal that is nosier than it should be, I can return and get the brand new one.

    BTW, my gear in addition to the aforemention GBE 600 amp includes passive basses, and I'm using an EBS 9V adaptor with the pedal. Also I keep the amp on "active" mode since it sounds better that way when using the VT Bass.