No longer available F bass VF5 (PRICE DROP)

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    I have a Fbass VF5 I am interested in selling or potentially trading.

    Model: VF5-J
    Body: heavy northern ash.
    Weight: 10 lbs 7 oz
    Finish: brown burst
    Neck: 5 piece maple/wenge
    Fingerboard: Birdseye maple
    Nut width: 45mm(1 3/4”)
    Width at last fret: 76mm (3”)
    Truss rod: two way
    Scale: 34”
    Bridge: hipshot A (adjustable spacing)
    String spacing: 19mm.
    Tuners: gotoh, GB70, 20:1 ratio
    Pickups: Aguilar 5J-HC 70’s Position.
    Type: Active/Passive via push pull pot
    Top Controls: vol(neck), vol(bridge), tone(push pull active passive)
    Bottom Controls(low boost, mid boost, high boost)
    Includes F Bass gig bag.

    Condition: it’s in very good condition. It has one little ding (see picture) and the pick guard has some minor scratches. Other than that it’s pretty much mint. It also hasn’t really been played much so It has almost zero fret wear.

    $3000 shipped.

    I would be interested in trades for VF4 PJ / VF5-PJ, Anything Sadowsky NYC, Fodera.. I like nice basses so if you have some idea's through them out there. fbass 1.jpg f bass 2.jpg f bass 3.jpg f bass 4.jpg f bass 5.jpg f bass 6.jpg f bass 7.jpg f bass 8.jpg f bass 9.jpg

    fbass 1.jpg
    f bass 2.jpg
    f bass 3.jpg f bass 4.jpg f bass 5.jpg f bass 6.jpg f bass 7.jpg f bass 8.jpg f bass 9.jpg
  2. Nice bass. It looks from the picture almost that there is a hole through the headstock. Is that glare or a ding?
  3. That white spot is a reflection from the light I was using. I didn't have anything to diffuse it so it was kinda point source. I can get some better photo's if you need them.
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  4. I can see from the long shot. As long as folks know it's just the light. You might want to upload a headstock shot with better lighting.
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  5. Price lowered to $2900.
  6. ragetoca

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    Sep 16, 2013
    Is this still available
  7. Interested in a trade for a Roscoe Classic J5?
  8. I actually already have a roscoe classic 4 and 5 so I don’t really need any more of those.
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  10. This is a steal. I'm very tempted, but have two F basses and money is a bit tight. You should bump this. I bet it will sell for this price if a few more folks knew about it.
  11. ... the heavier ones of these sound the best/fattest/hugest.
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  12. trickyjk


    Jul 20, 2010
    Hi, interested in a trade for a Warrior DM Custom?

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  13. I have decided to keep it for now.
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