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Fame (Smarvo) BVH300 schematics

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by T-Bird, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Hi.

    Here's the first rough version of the pre. I'm pretty sure there's some mistakes (a couple of mystery components too) in there and the layout is less than optimal, but unless someone comes up with a better one I believe that this will come in handy. There's also two larger bitmaps (~800Kb & 1,04 Mb) if someone's interested and the Proge Cad original too.


    I'll post the parts list soon and at least the "DI-PCB"


    The voltage chart and power amp may take a lot longer.


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  2. BbbyBld


    Oct 13, 2005
    Meridian, MS
    Thank you. I will add this to my collection-O-bass amp schematics.
  3. Hi.

    You're welcome.

    Drop me a line if You want the better resolution sample.

  4. okabass


    Mar 19, 2005


    Great job!
  5. Very handy this, thanks for the info. I might try building this with upgraded components, or maybe mod my existing BV300


    Dec 22, 2008
    Hello to all of you,
    I 've read your posts very carefully. I am a ( happy?) owner of a FAME BVH 300 since 30th of June of this year. I was really curious about this amp as many of you. Please let me introduce myself in short: I am a half a century aged man born and living in Greece. I started with tube amplifier constructions since my twelve ( yes twelve ) years old and I am still following this unique kind of music reproduction till now.
    All these years I studied electronics and I worked on the most kind of radio services ( maritime radio telecommunication - civil aviation administration etc ). But music is music and almost everything is done for her.
    For the BVH 300 my opinion is almost similar with T-BASS's.
    When I unpacked my own one I started directly to unscrew the cage / chassis screws to have a look inside. In fact it was something more than I was expected for this price. So, I started immediately to add the most IMHO importand to an amplifier with so many KT88's, the total capacitance of the power unit. I added two 470μF/350 WV in series to have a total of 400μF / 700 WV for the rest of the test and it's play-life. After then I plugged a 2X15'' / 600 Watts /4 ohms speaker
    then the power cord in the wall outlet and... came to life.
    Three minutes for the fillaments then Hi Tension ON and the DMM in the rear outlets to check the most critical in such a high power amp, the BIAS.
    I started loughing becase even after half an hour static work ( without any signal ) there was not even a couple of tubes biased equally or near to. I measured 22 to 46mV, all tubes different. Following all the till now knowledge and experience, I desided to bias them at 45mV all of them. ( A+ = 620 Vdc ).
    The only bass guitar I have is a PEAVEY T40 with DI MARGIO.
    I played for a while ( at 30 W ) but the sound was "thin" even by the push of the boost switch. I turn the master to 12 o'clock and the gain to 3 o'clock and the mirackle happened.
    A clean / fat sound got out of the speakers as is expected of an amp like this. The neighbours opened the windows. In a few minutes I tried to crank up the master volume and the gain to 4 o'clock. THIS was a rich tube sound with good low end and a lot of harmonics. The neigbours closed their windows and run away. ( The BEST Power meter ! )
    As a result I can say that the price to sound quality is 6-7.
    The price to construction 7-8. The price to power is 10 !!!
    I hope to find a few hours during August to change some capacitors and perhaps some resistors in TONE zone as to change also the pre and driver tubes with groove tubes that they already gave me very good results in guitar amps and after all to change the Chinese tubes with KT88 Penta Labs.
    Thanks for your passion to read this long post but music is very important and worths the best... I will come back when I have something realy important to share with you.
    Many thanks. :bassist:
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  7. Hi.

    Thanks TUBASSMAN.

    Glad to hear from another Fame BVH300 user, there aren't too many around.

    PM me if You want better resolution schematics.



    Dec 22, 2008
    Hello T-Bird,
    A very long SORRY for rebaptization as T-BASS, as I mentioned to you to my first post. In August will have
    the luxury to listen the BVH300 with a few real good Bass players and some other bass cabins, that are inhabitants in the island that I live and work.
    Till then have a nice summer time and many happy gigs.
  9. diad


    Nov 28, 2009

    First of, thanks for all the work done so far, it's really much appreciated.

    I'm also having a FAME BVH 300 so are a few of my Forum mates (onlybass.com), We have been given with the value of 25mV to adjust the BIAS from musicstore, and thios seems very far from what T-Bird gave (45mV).

    Also, does anyone have any updated schema for this head, What are you impression after 1 year with this amp ?

    Thanks a lot for you answers :)
  10. Muziekschuur


    May 25, 2009
    Any update sofar?
  11. Hi.

    Unfortunately no.
    The "Eden" schematic which should be available to techs at least, is usable enough so the "Fame" power amp schematic won't be a priority for me. Not ATM at least.

    I haven't had any spare time because of a move to another part of the country, and because of that my band activity has been zero. The Fame at least is pretty nice as-is so the modding must wait a while as well.

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