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Fender Quality

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by srxplayer, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    I have noticed a lot of posts regarding Fenders lack of quality control. Is this lack of QC related to all Fender products or only the Mexican Fenders? I had assumed that the American or Japanese products would be of better quality but the posts I have been reading don't really discriminate between the country they are manufactured in.

    I have played the MIM products and the MIA products and the MIM basses seem a little cheap. I can't really explain it other than they feel lighter and the necks never feel right to me. I have not played any Fender made in Japan.

    I did a search for other threads on this but didn't come up with anything usefull.

    I am ready to buy another bass and I am looking at the American Jazz Bass. I like the tone, the S-1 system, and the slim neck. The fact that the this bass is very versatle really appeals to me but am I "rolling the dice" buying a Fender?
  2. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the American series bass your looking at, but I happen to own a Fender P-deluxe, mexican, and it looks, sounds, and plays terrificly. If anything, the most I ever needed on the bass was a nut replacement, and that's because when i was experimenting with different guages of strings (GHS Heavies, Ernie Ball Power Slinkies) and the end of the G (string) slot popped off. between a replacement of that and a little trussrod adjustment, I have been loving this bass. 3 months without a string chance and it still sounds nice and bright.
  3. Acephalous


    Jul 10, 2004
    Fenders' quality's varying. Hope you fall on a good one.
  4. Kavorka


    Mar 28, 2002
    Austin, Texas
    If at all possible, play them before you buy - as many as you can, because each seems to vary. If you have to mail order, be sure there is a good return policy so you can get rid of a lemon. I won't mail order much, and Fender is certainly one I wouldn't.

    If you find a good one, though, it should last you a lifetime.
  5. thumpbass1


    Jul 4, 2004
    The Fender of Japan quality is quite good but alas I've come across some terrible factory setups on many new basses from Fender recently;even on some of the more exspensive american models. Do allow for a proper set up on any bass you buy as to tweak it to your liking. I use american and mexican as well as the Fender of Japan/U.S. Geddy Lee J-bass and the overall quality on most Fender basses is quite good for the money. It's the tone mojo and feel factor that should get you excited about any bass you buy and a few set up tweaks here and there can make an average bass into a real tone machine.
  6. Absolutely agree on that one. I've got a '70's RI Jazz Bass under warranty repairs because of the truss rod...hopefully they'll come through with a new neck. If not, the store has a %100 upgrade policy (hello G&L L2000!) Never again will I order a Fender without trying it first. :mad:
  7. Scottgun


    Jan 24, 2004
    I don't think Fender has any worse quality issues than other mass-produced basses. It is more of a case that Fender is one of the most popular, thus you are going to hear more horror stories than others. I've been checking out quite a few Fenders and have yet to come across a stinker.

  8. Fender probably manufactures/markets more basses (including Squiers) than all the other manufacturers combined. Their quality control is no better or worse than anybody else's, percentage wise at a given price point. Any time you buy anything you are taking a risk. Assuming that as a given, you will be better off if you can play an instrument, any instrument, before you buy it.
  9. i recently bought a MIA P bass and i must say i'm very happy with it. no issues as of yet and i'm looking at buying a MIA 75 jazz RI.
    however, any bad experience i've had with the big F is their MIM basses. i know some people swear by them but to me you can just feel the decline in quality.