Fenderbird Project

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  1. Yeah, yeah. I know it's not very original but I don't care.


    Neck - Warmoth Jazz. Maple with a rosewood fingerboard. I intend to paint it black. (Other suggestions for the paint are welcome)
    Body - Epiphone Thunderbird. Dunno what wood it is exactly. I am planning on painting it a vintage white kind of colour. (Again, other suggestions for the paint are welcome)

    Bridge - Black Gotoh four string from Warmoth
    Tuners - Black Schaller
    Pickup - Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounder for P bass

    Electronics - Passive with a single master volume as well as a kill switch

    Here are some progress pics up until Sunday afternoon:

    This is the body and the old neck, disassembled

    The body, partially sanded. The bridge pickup route has a block of wood in it to fill it, as does the neck pickup route but it has been reshaped for the SD 1/4 pounders. These blocks are now glued in and tidied up. I won't bother with pictures of that.

    A close up of where the P pickup will go. The bits of wood aren't glued in the photo but they are now.

    Where I filled some of the holes that I don't need. I'm making the open hole on the left for a master volume knob and the one on the right is for a kill switch (It's bigger so that the switch fits)

    A close up of the neck pocket that I had to widen so that the Jazz neck fits

    And a picture with some of the hardware on it

    All the modifications have been done with just a few basic tools and supplies which explains why the cavity for the pickup and the neck is so dodgey. I think it will be right though once I have the pickups in and the hard finish applied. I will try and tidy a few spots up a bit more as well.

    I'll also be sure to post pictures of the bass once I'm finished. I plan on painting it in the style of the Duff McKagan signature (Black neck, vintage white body).

    Any other suggestions for the paint job? Or just in general would be appreciated!
  2. On the bridge thingies: If they are threaded into the body, you might try this: Insert/thread a screw, w/an additional nut on it, into the *thing*(I'm not sure what they're called either :rolleyes:), making sure it threads a goodly amount into the metal part. Then tighten the nut securely against the bridge mount- now unscrew the whole thing(screw, nut & bridge-mount)from the body. Mind you this is a semi-educated guess, & if you ruin your bass following my advice, we never had this conversation. ;)
  3. Alright, I got those thingos out of the body. I just stuck a screw in there and pulled as hard as I could. They came out relatively easily.

    I've also widened the neck pocket so that the new neck fits properly and I've started sanding down the body for the new paint job. Seems that is going to take FOREVER. Maybe I should just use some sort of chemical paint remover?
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    Sep 8, 2008
    most likely, if your workin with a poly finish, chemicals are the way to go
  5. OP updated
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    Man, cool project, though, for me the best thing about Thunderbirds was always their pickups! :D

    Maple or rosewood fretboard on the jazz neck?
  8. It's a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. Soooo nice. I love it
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    Sep 14, 2007
    Sweet, that should be perfect on a T-Bird, espcially with the brighter P pickup.
  10. That's what I thought as well haha. :bassist:

    I seriously am itching to have it done, but I know that I'll have to be patient when doing the finish :(
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    Sep 14, 2007
    What finish you going for?
  12. Neck fully black and a kinda off white-ish colour for the body. Similar to the Duff Mckagan signature.

    I love white Thunderbirds
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    Oh hell!

    Thats gonna be incredible! :bassist:
  14. I really hope so.

    I still need a step-by-step guide for the painting though :(.

    I'm a noob at this.
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    Sep 14, 2007
    There's a few really skilled painters here on TB, should be able to sort you out.
  16. UPDATE:

    I filled the holes where the old bridge used to be, glued the blocks of wood that fill the pickup spaces and filled some gaps up.

    I also went around town and saw a few people about the painting. I'll pursue the issue further tomorrow since I have some school work to attend to. It looks like I'm going to try and get a pro to do it so that I get the best result.

    P.S. Updated the OP with some extra information
  17. Ok, so I've started painting with some Dulux flat finish spray paint. I still need to put some more coats of primer on the body but the neck has it's first coat of black on it and looks pretty sweet if I don't say so myself. :)

    Can't wait to get this shiz finished.

    Some pics will come later when I feel like posting them
  18. It's complete! I'm soo happy.

    The finish is kinda dodgey but I honestly don't care. It looks cool.

    I am yet to actually hear it properly though since It's late at night here right now and I don't wanna wake my parents. I'll test her out tomorrow for sure!

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    Nice! :cool:
  20. Thats sick:cool: